Friday, February 6, 2009

Post-Work Thoughts From 5 AM

-- I realized tonight that almost everything I do after I get home from work (if I'm alone, which is more often than not) tends to revolve around masturbation.

Me thinking at 3:15 AM: "Well, if I rub one out quickly then it'll only be 3:30 AM and I'll still have time to blog and get in some reading, but it also could wear me out and I might fall asleep, so maybe I should blog first and then masturbate, but then my head will be thinking about masturbating and not about what I'm writing. Damn, what should I do?"

I actually had this conversation with myself tonight.

-- Since we're on the topic of masturbation, I thought that the absolute pinnacle of my masturbation career was in early high school. I was a freakin machine back then. But recently (the past two years) I've really been picking up steam. You could call it a "mid-twenties masturbation renaissance". Or maybe it has something to do with the ridiculously accessible and free porn sites I live on now a days. I'm big on at the moment. It's sad... I know.

-- A fascinating article in the NY Times online edition yesterday about Nazi Doctor Aribert Heim, or "Dr.Death" as he is known to most. The article focuses on Heim's postwar life and his evasion of Nazi Hunters until his death in 1992. What's incredible is that this tall, strikingly handsome German man, who once injected gasoline into the hearts of patients and kept Jewish prisoner's skulls as souvenirs, converted to Islam and seemingly became a normal, decent human being after committing countless atrocities . I don't condone any of his actions, but his story is riveting.

-- I'm going to see Taken tomorrow. Liam Neeson is a bad man. I'll fight Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer before I'm throwing down with Liam. You don't automatically think Liam Neeson when you think of actors who can carry a movie on their own, but the guy has done it before in a major way... Schindler's List ring a bell?

-- A blog reader and bar patron made me promise to blog tonight so she would have something to read when she got into work tomorrow. I figured she could enjoy my masturbation thoughts over her morning coffee.

...I sures do gots a way with the ladies.


Anonymous said...

Best Liam movie, and most burly: Rob Roy. If you haven't seen it, do so immediately.

Anonymous said...

Well look at you coming through for your readers, and 5 in the morning none the less. Good work the combination of the coffee and the masturbation thoughts just about made this rough rough morning...

Miss said...

Taken looks like such a good movie please let me know how it for the porn.... My fab is I find pornhun to be a little short....ha now I really can't divuldge who I am :)

Adriana said...

If you were my boyfriend you wouldn't have to use you hand...;)

mae said...

uh, gag.

Benedict Smith said...

2nd vote for Rob Roy....and masturbation is probably one of the highlights of my life on a daily basis. it never disappoints.

Benedict Smith said... and have great streaming porn posted for free too fyi.