Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Never Going To Drink Again

Or, "Man I'm cutting back on the hard stuff."

I'm probably the king of making hungover, completely false, grand declarations of impending sobriety.

"So, you drinking again tonight Jack?"

" Nah man. I'm taking the next few nights off, Friday included. I need to get back in the business of being "me",
ya know?"

Then comes Friday and the same person will run into me at a bar, a lit cigarette in my mouth, one unlit cigarette in the ashtray, two half-finished orange crushes on the table, a full Coors Light in one hand and a rocks glass with some conspicuously brownish colored melted ice at the bottom in my other hand, saying something along the lines of, "Hey there smegggillibrushhh, comeeeanghettta a shot wit meh!"

Then the next morning it's all, "Fuck, this is fucking it! No more Jack. Grab the bull by the horns and lock it up! Time to clean up big guy."

It's a vicious twenty-something cycle that I'm sure a good 50 percent of us go through.

I say this as I'm taking a self-imposed exile at my step-dad's river house for the night. A particularly nasty bender this past weekend (notice the lack of posting and the "deleted" post from Friday) has put me firmly on the water wagon. It's all gym time and healthy eating for a few weeks. I'm looking out for numero uno. Gonna clear my head and write and use the rare few hours that I'm not bar tending to be productive. No more sleeping 12 hours a day. This is the turning point! This is the first day of the rest of my life!

Although I do have off Friday night. I mean, I guess one or two happy hour cocktails wouldn't kill me.... Right? I can go home early and sober on a Friday...

Yeah, uhh, not even in my wildest dreams is that possible.


latrimose said...

Take a Friday to just go to dinner (just order water with your meal)and see what happens next. Don't be afraid to hang out at home...with someone or on your lonesome. You might feel antsy at first, but you won't regret it. Tame that nervous energy. Might feel strangely relaxed the next day. I do this occasionally when I feel like I'm just following the social herd too much.

robat-kun said...

Yeah, I've tried the above theory, which works for 15 minutes until I realize that usually at 7pm, there are better sandwiches, colder beers, and hotter girls in other places besides my apartment.

It's an awful cycle, but every time I tell myself that I need to go out less, I remember how many awesome people I meet on those random nights, and how those connections are totally worth the headache and deilirium the next day...well, usually.

Jim said...

Trust me, one day you will look back on this and wish that heavy drinking was your biggest problem. Try and take it easy every once and awhile, drink water and just relax. It's supposed to fun man.

Anonymous said...

i cant help but get the feeling that you started this blog for you and as of late you push on with it for others. you've lost a bit of the spice you once commanded. you seem to have far less fun with this than in months prior --in need of a new muse perhaps? keep it jack.

jared said...

The best you can do is not listen to these idiot commenters. You're doing just fine buddy.

Sam said...

dude, you're going out tonight. You know it and I know it. Wait until about 5pm and you'll start getting that itch. With a little arm twisting, you'll be right back at it. I'll call you in a few.