Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RVA Blah Awards

RVA News, my semi-employer is holding its annual Blog Awards. I happen to be up for a few of them. Some thoughts:

-John over at Buttermilk and Molasses (who I think has already anointed himself "Best Blog") has this to say about about the "Best New Blog" category:

"In the category of Best New Blog, there is no doubt. The Checkout Girl is the Shopgirl of 2008 and 2009 combined. As much as I adore Jack Goes Forth, The Checkout Girl is so much more unpredictable and jazzy. And she brings some emotional nuance to her writing. She's erudite."

Ahh, there was a time when I could write about every little thing that happened at work. Unfortunately, now almost every person I work with, a lot of patrons of the bar and way too many girls that I want to bang read this blog, so lets just say that I have to watch my step. Nearly getting sued by Channel 6 was a fun ride. Oh and lets not forget that I got shitcanned from an awesome bartending gig for blogging earlier this year. No disrespect to Check Out Girl, because I think she has a cool blog, but if anyone has been an "unpredictable" blogger this year, it has been me. That being said, my vote is for Jocelyn's Corner. She's a crazy slut and I love her.

- I don't think RVA Foodie got nominated for anything. Somewhere he is distraught and somewhere Jack Goes Forth laughs hysterically. Oh wait, I'm laughing hysterically on my couch as we speak. Not that I think he wasn't deserving... I just... oh never mind.

-TA's consistency should earn him blog of the year. Blogging day in and day out is tough. Blogging day in and day out while still being really entertaining? That's damn near impossible. Good work Jeff.

- Brie and Kelly Stern both rock. I'm willing to bet that they would settle for a tie and a free round of drinks.

Go vote so four lucky people can put a little thing on their blog that says, "Hey, among the 100 or so people who read Richmond blogs, I'm the best. So go suck it other blogs!" Thanks for the nominations but to be frank, I don't really give a crap about winning. My main goal is to blog consistently and compellingly, without getting fired again. Girls come and go, cool jobs do not.


Kelly said...

screw the tie... just the round of drinks would be nice... thanks!

Jason Roop said...

And Jack, if your posts ever get "jazzy" you will never hear from me again.

Brie said...

kelly, i concur. ;) which means we're tied and gonna be drinking. :)


Anonymous said...

actually, i think this and you might be the MOST predictable blog/person in richmond...

it's pretty much:
have promiscuous, meaningless sex

have a crisis about becoming something more and being taken seriously as a real writer/human being

then deciding, once again, for
475th the "free" life is better and everyone else is stupid

write about being recognized to inflate the ego

act, keyword being "act" like you don't care about anything

have a bunch of 40 year old washed up hetero guys tell you how great you are in the comments

lather, rinse, repeat

you're a one trick pony but snarky, kinda witty and drama are so in...keep on jack...but i'm hopeful for more someday.

Anonymous said...

You should be turning 26 soon. Are you going to achive some gravitas by then? Fat chance.

RVA Foodie said...

Popularity contests are not my bag. Last year, RVA News had me in their 'best kept secret' category and I was worried that the increased scrutiny would ruin the fun of writing. Luckily, they gave themselves the award (I mean, people voted for RVA News as best kept secret - an honor to be nominated tho). And I think it makes sense. Traffic on my site is at a comfortable level: enough to compel me to share, but it's not an obligation that would foster illusions about quitting my day job. So, I'll self-anoint as best kept secret again this year, not because my blog is "best" but because the secret is so well kept.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Kelly and Brie, come collect your drink whenever.

Roop, I'm still charging you full price. ha