Friday, January 16, 2009

NY Times Alcohol Blog

In the NY Times Online edition today I found a decent Opinion/Proof Blog piece on bartending. The main thread of the story talked about the humor to be found while working at a bar and the writers own bartending experience. I liked these two lines:

"My favorite hour behind the bar was early in the evening when the hilarity was not yet slurred (Although, as one barstool bard once said, to slur is human). "

"My least favorite time was late on a slow shift. It has been said many times that humor originates in pain, and these hours were truly painful: the dragging pace, only the lonely, broken or addicted seated at the bar. Things didn’t seem so funny then. "

Many bartenders will agree with the first quote. Almost all bartenders will agree with the second one. You can learn a lot about life from behind a bar, and not all of it is puppy dogs and rainbows. Still, there are very few things I'd rather be doing right now.

Side note: The NY Time's Proof blog is titled "Alcohol and American Life." It's one of the better blogs out there.

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