Monday, January 5, 2009

New Richmond Food Blog

I know what you're thinking. We need another food blog like we need another case of shingles. I mean really? How many times can we read a review on Stronghill Dining and it's "hip" and "funky" tattoo culture??

Well, this new food blog probably won't stink up the joint as bad as the others. The sharp minds behind invino and IWish I Could Cook have joined forces and created a new super food blog, "Whine Me and Dine Me."

It's sort of like when Velvet Revolver formed, or better yet, it's like when Mussolini and Italy officially created the Axis powers with Hitler and Germany in 1936. Yeah, that's a pretty good description for these two.

As a bartender to some of the local foodie population, I feel I have no choice but to support our local food blogging community, regardless of how mind-numbingly boring they can sometimes be.

Now go check out their new blog.

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in vino veritas said...

-sweet,thanks.preciate it.