Saturday, January 10, 2009

JGF Blog Updates

-Apparently my challenge to the Richmond Times Dispatch has been answered by a reverse challenge? Unfortunately it was by some blogger whose only motivation for spending a night out with me is a lot of free beer. In his defense he did promise to not cock block me and to dress like Hunter S. Thompson. As fun as it sounds to let some dude follow me around and then buy him numerous pints of Miller Lite, I'm going to pass.

The offer is still on the table to the RTD though and I'm trying to convince Ross over at RVA News to let a writer follow me and then make it a feature on their site, with RVA News maybe "defraying" some of the cost. wink wink* We'll see. I might just go out with a tape recorder and a camera, and then I'll post a running diary about the night on my blog. In fact, that would probably be the best and most entertaining idea.

-In other news, I have been devastated about Hulu taking down its episodes of "It's Always Sunny...". Much like these two, I need my daily "Sunny" fix.

-For my book recommendation people, I've knocked out "Atlas Shrugged" (Rand), "Factotum" (Bukowski), "Freedom Manifesto" (Hodgkinson), And I'm halfway through "Down and Out In London and Paris" (Orwell). I also want to thank the friend/blog reader who brought me a copy of "Cat's Cradle" (Vonnegut) at the bar a few nights ago. It will be bumped to the top of the queue.

- I have some awesome blog posts and post ideas coming down the pipe, I'm just not sure when I'll get to them due to an increased work schedule at the bar. Look for 3-4 posts this coming week and get over to RVA News on Tuesday or Wednesday for the 5th installment of Robot Hearts. That is all.


S. Preston Duncan said...

Hey, I never drink Miller Light.

frankie jane said...

Download the episodes.