Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack's First and Last Economy Rant

Yeah yeah yeah, the economy sucks, people are losing are their jobs, bluh bluh blah.

The ol adage, the booze biz is recession (and depression) proof? It's not true.

Forget the BS numbers that the Virginia Alcohol Beverage C0ntrol (VABC) throws at you. Oooohhhhh, so liquor sales are up 4.5 percent for 2008???? Oooohhhhh, that's freakin awesome. Did you mention that liquor prices and taxes are up for 2008 also? Did you mention that the ABC is the absolute, complete big dog money maker for Virginia?

I work on the front lines (at a popular bar) and before that, I worked for a liquor company. Bar sales are slightly down, for EVERY bar! Trust me, I know because tips are down and I hear it from most of the bartenders that I know (which is a lot). The restaurant industry is taking it on the chin just as hard as everyone else (except maybe Circuit, those 30,000 people got shit-canned). Forget the studies and the trends because they don't tell the real story.

All this economy talk has gotten old. People became too complacent with the status quo. When was anyone promised a steady rate or an ever-flowing stream of money? For that matter, when was success in life promised at all?

I wish someone promised me prosperity at birth. That would've been nice. I empathize with the people that this "crisis" has hit the hardest, but I'm certainly not shitting out golden eggs at the moment either. For the time being I'm gonna keep busting my ass and hope for the best. What else can you do in life?

As always, I extremely oversimplify things. The booze is probably to blame.


Janet said...

As someone who goes out several times a week, I see some bars really taking a hit and others who seem to be doing just fine or even booming. We were in CanCan Monday night and the place was rocking (and not only because of the wine tasting moochers at one end...there was a nice crowd of paying customers as well). Flemings is visibly slow...I think the downturn of corporate spending/parties/etc. is taking its toll.

latrimose said...

I think its 50% a mental problem now...people with jobs need be generous with tips. People who have been saving up for new cars, houses, bikes, whatever - buy now! Money is the oil of the economic machine. You've gotta spend your way out of a't bail-outs can't do it alone!

Anonymous said...

You're right, this econ crap is getting old. People need to stop bitching. The whole thing will end just like everything else.

Max Power said...

This is just social Darwinism at its most ruthless. For too long people have felt entitled to a good living just because they live in the US. Now it's time for people to get f'n around and actually work hard for a living like in the "good 'ol days". If anything I think this recession will force people to work harder, smarter, and more efficiently so they can make a living. Time will tell I suppose.

Scott W said...

I agree with you on the shit-canned part fo the Circuit City folks...I am one of them!