Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration At The Bar

-"Can I get a frozen strawberry margarita with some mango in it too?"

Me: "Of course, although you realize it's snowing outside?"

-"We're here to see Obama!"

Me: " Oh, well you do understand that you still have 110 miles to go, and that he isn't actually being inaugurated in Richmond?"

-"Do you have any food? Can we get some chips and salsa? We're from Alabama son!!! We need our chips!"

Me: "Ahh yes, I forgot about the obvious correlation between Alabama and tortilla chips."

-"I have my school ID. This is valid everywhere. What? You won't serve me? This is bullshit!"

Me: "Sorry ma'am, we don't accept Alabama A & M school ID cards as a valid form of ID. I'd recommend the Exxon over on 18th and Broad though. They sell to just about everyone."

-"We're leaving Richmond at midnight so we don't hit traffic. We're gonna get a cheap room just south of DC."

Me: (Almost spitting up my Sprite) " Yeah, there should be a few cheap rooms available, maybe even in the heart of DC"

This was just a small part of the hilarity I encountered behind the bar last night as multiple groups of southern college kids swept through Richmond on their way to DC. I have to admit though, everyone was in great spirits and I enjoyed talking to the lot of them. I've seen it on TV and in the paper, but until last night I never got to see first hand the effect that Obama and this day in history has on America and more specifically, the African-American race as a whole. It's an exciting day.

A sidenote: I witnessed my close associate lose his virginity to one of my ex-girlfriends, 8 years ago to the day (Bush's Inauguration), and I intend to go out tonight and celebrate this small piece of history with a few drinks.


Anonymous said...

I find the concept of someone losing their virginity on "Bush's Inauguration" hysterically ironic.

Capt. Obvious said...

I have a few "Bush & Dick" shirts in the 00 and 04 editions.

The One and Only Ridor said...

Did you get to do what you wanted all along, Jack?