Thursday, January 29, 2009

Capital Ale House Review

Hahahaha, I really suckered you guys in with that title! Okay so I am about to go visit Cap Ale South (which is my abbreviated slang for Capital Ale House Southside). But I will not be getting an appetizer, I will not be critiquing the service and I most certainly will not be taking pictures of a fucking hamburger and then posting it on my blog.

No, I plan on getting hammercanned on a variety of really potent, possibly German beers. Who knows though, maybe the beers will be Austrian, I can't really say for sure. I won't even attempt to discuss beer types or brewing methods or anything else. I'll just say, "Barman, I'd like a strong beer", and he'll say, "Well whattdya like?" Then I'll say, "Dammit son, I just told you. Now chop chop." Luckily I know the barman or else I would probably get tossed a knuckle salad for being such an ass.

I'm also meeting a girl there, but it's a safe bet that I'll be early and she'll be late, and it's a safe bet that I will make it very clear that "this is not a date" and that I will only be paying.... for my own booze. You can also wager the farm that I will be hitting on other women. That, quite simply, is Jack Goes Forth Dating 101.

For the blog I'm going to write down the beers I try and then review them tomorr.... wait, who the fuck am I kidding?


crod said...

wow jackie, i see you haven't changed much. your details in this post are just some of the MULTITUDES of reasons why we are friends... who have never been (and will never go) on a date.

Jack Goes Forth said...

well, I probably wouldn't go out with a girl named "Crod" either.


Thank you thank you...I'll be here all week...please tip your waitress.

Anonymous said...

whoa bud...I see you did a little editing

Mala said...

Why can't you take responsibility for what you write instead of taking down the most recent post?

Are you embarressed or afraid of judgement? Lots of people write stupid shit. At least you aren't hateful.

Quit bein such a pussy.

Matt Frost said...

Great post. now a tipping q. As a bartender, its a fairly busy night and a crowd of 12 rolls in for what appears to be birthday shananigans. Lots of people are paying cash. Is $1 per drink accept able or will anything less earn patrons urine infused kamazie shota?

Matt Frost said...

^^^ anything less than 20%.... forgot to include that part. Basically $1 a drink vs 20% at the end of the night.

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