Thursday, December 18, 2008

RVA Blogs Is... Waaaaaahhhhhhh!

Naked Nazis and sites that may or may not be real people! Gasp! The horror.....the horror!!!! My local blog aggregator is forcing me to read things that I don't want to read!!! I have to hit the "back" button! Oh Jesus Christ Nooooo!

Here's a novel idea... Just shut up and blog.

...oh and Urban Richmond, this:

"Create a separate list called “RVA Bizarro Blogs” where people can access those sites where the author pretends to be some convenient butt of jokes demographic (gap toothed women, religious zealot folk singers, and bartender jiggalos - sorry Jack, your promiscuity is too far fetched to be believed). "

.... Is stupid. Ol' Meade Skelton and I will not stand for it!


Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

We can't hope to compete with all the truly interesting blogs out there. Maybe it would help if we posted more restaurant appetizer reviews, community outreach updates, pictures of ordinary children, and stories written from the perspective of housecats.

iwishicouldcook said...

Oh come on now, the talking cats are awesome.

.lp. said...

the talking cats are pretty tight yall.

richmondva said...

Just to clarify I didn't write the post; I gladly hosted RVA Foodie's critique of RVA Blogs.

But Urban Richmond didn't suggest the bizarro category.

Bookstore Piet said...

And where are the naked nazi's? Is that a scene from Springtime For Hitler?

Frosty said...

There's a blog out there posted by a Lezbo mom trying to raise a son who might turn into the words biggest hetero vagina. If that's "good" blogging I don't want any.
Bring on the grit. The Jocelyn thing is hilarious and reminds me of a girl I used to date. I moved, havent told her where.

Jack Goes Forth said...

my bad urban richmond. I should've known. That post reeked of RVA Foodies pretentious nonsense.

RVA Foodie said...

The bizarro category was a joke (sorta) to get people to suggest serious categories that could make RVA Blogs more manageable.

Jack: Didn't you watch SuperFriends/the Justice League? Even in Bizarro world, there is a Bizarro Superman. That could be you! Is it still not clear that I'm trying to keep it light here? Not everyone seems to have gotten the bizarro joke.

Seriously though, your Cassanova caricature is an easy target for jokes. Lighten up. What happened to all criticism is flattery? If wouldn't be referencing you if I didn't read your site.

Anonymous said...

Awww hug it out

Bookstore Piet said...

Jack & Jason in a UFC cage match. 3rd floor of the gutted Miller & Rhodes building.

If Jason wins then Jack has to spend a week cleaning up Shockoe Bottom after St Patricks Day.

If Jack wins Jason has to spend a week eating the worst meat dishes at the worst restaurants in RVA (dishes and venues to be determined by a board of local food bloggers).

Friday Night - right after happy hour. Be there!

Anonymous said...

Will you and Chef Andy be there as well?

Rabbit said...

Too much to hope, in this age of spell check, that they would spell "gigolo" correctly.

For the record Jack, I believe you are every bit the depraved drunken whore represented in your writing. Keep up the good work!

Jack Goes Forth said...

Jocelyn- you're on point as always.

RVA Foodie- Criticism is fine, but saying that this is a persona or a "caricature" is a slap in the face. I don't lie on my blog. I tell it like it is. This is all me baby.... Ask people who actually know me. While I enjoy Jocelyn, she is a made up person, Jack Goes Forth is not. And yes I speak of myself in the third person sometimes.

That being said, yes it's still flattering that my name gets tossed around when these discussions take place.

Piet- It wouldn't be fair to RVA Foodie. I fight dirty as shit.

Rabbit- As someone who has enjoyed drinks on a crowded night at one of my bars... You can attest, it wouldn't be that difficult for me (or anyone) to live the lifestyle that I claim to live. Thanks. A drink on me next time.

the one and only ridor said...

Jason: I do not find your site to be interesting. That's who I am. Talking about recipes or posting the pics of infants simply made me want to gag and go on a binge of some sorts, really.

rvablogs is fine as is. basically, rvablogs simply aggregates the blogs that were posted by rvabloggers -- the content that were posted simply reflect themselves in the process. true enough, rvabloggers has not fared very well in terms of hitting the g-spot for me to hook up and read. Many are incredibly boring.

Except for Jack's site.

Jack, rock on and keep bloggin' about that gal you slept with last night -- or was that last year? ;-)


Meade Skelton said...

I think someone is afraid of a little competition....

.lp. said...

why is everyone so agro?
i thought blogging was about being honest and personal and sharing your views with the world?

if you dont like it.
dont fucking read it.
and if you really care that much
blog about it!

if you dont care about who jack fucked and how many bahama mamas he served last night then go read about Jocelyn bangin some homeless guy, or go read about how shitty the food is somewhere.

blogs are supposed to be a place where you can right whatever the hell you want.

shit man.

its wack.

all this hippidy jibbity about whose blog is commercial and whose blog doesnt belong, and what interesting and what not.

who cares.

just shut up and blog.

the one and only ridor said...

.lp.: Hear, hear, hear! I agreed 100% with you. Don't like it, don't read it and go somewhere else instead of whining!