Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Robot Hearts # 3 and New Flyers

In lieu of a real post this morning I instead invite you to go check out the third edition of my joint dating column Robot Hearts. (click on the link or the heart icon to the right)

In this weeks column I got a real email from a girl who I just so happened to make out with in a secret crevice at the bar where I work. So we posted the email and went to town on it. It's pretty entertaining stuff. As always I ask that you leave comments (good or bad). I'll have something new to read on this blog sometime later on this evening.

By the way, check out the new flyers RVAnews made for the column:

Pretty sick eh?


Julie said...

Great column! My favorite part was the description of you awkwardly dry-humping your carseats.

Jack, I have to say, as much as you repulse me sometimes, I'm hooked on your blog.

Susan Howson said...

I feel a little like I need to buy you flowers after that one.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Thanks Julie. I have in fact awkwardly dry humped in my Altima. I even broke the rear view mirror a few months ago. Sad, but true.

Susan- You can purchase me beers. 4 beers to be exact. And not those cheap ass Ipanema beers. I want beers from a place where they cost at least 4 bucks a pop.

Susan Howson said...

UGH the correct response was supposed to be "Hey I was mean to you too LET US CALL IT EVEN," but no no no.

Anonymous said...

The song "Fast Love" by George Michaels is totally your song. Google the lyrics.