Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jack Goes To Hooters

I'm getting up to leave the table when she approaches me.

Girl: "Hey Jack, I heard from one of the other girls that you
have some blog?"

Jack: (I smile) "Uhh, I don't know what your talking

Girl: "C'mon, tell me how to find it."

Jack: "Just Google Jack, Bartender, Richmond."

Girl: "Okay. I can't wait to read it."

Jack: "Awesome."

This happened at Hooters last night with a waitress that I barely know. Now I know what you're thinking, Hooter's girls can read?!? I was shocked too.

And yes I was getting drunk at Hooters last night. I'm no different from the blue collar air conditioner repairman or the Mexican brick layer. I like ogling big boobs, drinking cheep beer and eating wings that have a shiny neon gloss to them. I also like it when girls put enough make-up on to be in the circus and then wear really short, tight orange shorts. I'm from the Southside of Richmond, so none of this should surprise anyone.

Regardless of my buddy's complaints, that will not be my last trip to Hooters.

*Don't hate on the Hooter's girls. They're hard-working gals. How else would they support three kids and an abusive white trash boyfriend???

UPDATE: Whoa, I already got a nasty email from a Hooters girl. Ladies, ladies, calm down. This post was written with good-natured ribbing in mind only. You know I love you.


southsider said...

Southsiiiidddeee!!! represent represent.

Over here we like our food fried and our TGI Fridays centrally located.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

I read that as "Jack goes to Hookers"

Jason said...

And if you like the Hooters by Chesterfield Town Center you'll LOVE the Hooters in Chester! Route 10, baby! Let's go!

Anonymous said...

I hooked up with couple of Hooters girls back in the day (you get in one, you get in with another just hangin out). The excitement wore off right after I came ... then I realized they weren't anything special. After those two, Hooters was out of the rotation; you just can't go back.

Jephy said...

Jack you may have the long sought after chance of actually hooking up with a Hooters girl. Most men can only dream of this moment.

veron said...

I love going to hooters!! I think they have the best chicken wings extra cripy!
I like the one on broad st in the near west end rather than the one on Chesterfield.
Seriously, I don't understand what a lot of people have against the Hooter's girls, they are there just like any other person in the food service industry. And most of the servers I had are really efficient at what they do - get them crisp chicken wings quickly to me!

Fanboy said...

Plus, in addition to the wings, everyone knows boobs are fun for the whole family.

Picard said...

Foods good, as for the rest I don't have anything againist the girls, just the concept. Hooter's has become just one more lame cliche.

You want to know what makes a girl attractive, look into her eyes, then look a little deeper. There's nothing wrong with a beautiful chest, just try looking up a little and think about the human being.

Anonymous said...

Picard, how is that whole being gay thing working out for you? God bless hooters girls....

Picard said...

Not bad. How's the asshole thing working out for you?

jay said...

i am said "complaining" complaint was that we went to the broad st hooters when the chesterfield town center hooters is right up the road...i only wanted to sit in the smoking section (i dont even smoke), drop things on the floor to have the waitress pick them up, and sit with people are as brazenly drunk as jack and i....instead we were stuck with a water buffalo for a waitress in the family section sitting next to a guy that looked like one of the hosts of discovery channel's hit show mythbusters.
is that too much to ask out of a hooters trip?

this guy knows what i'm talking about

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the wings and theservice, but the weird part is the socialization thing. I know they are supposed to act extra friendly with the patrons, but one time I was there with a friend, reading a magazine in between gazes. These girls sat down right next to us and literally took the magazine out of my hands to read it out loud with her friends (I think they must get really bored sometimes). Even after out food came. Like I said, I understand I was supposed to enjoy that, but it was a little off-putting.

Easy Sleazin' said...

The Hooters here is bad, bad news. I guess "here" is a liberal description, as it's our in the 'burbs of Metairie.