Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jack Goes Forth 2008 Year In Review

Excuse the lack of posting this past week. The combination of many long nights behind a bar and holiday "socializing" while not behind a bar turned me into a zombie all last week. Luckily it appears that no one else has been blogging either so I think it was a good week to take off. And now with 2008 about to end I wanted to reflect on a year that I think was the start of a great period in my life, plus I didn't feel like taking the time to write something interesting tonight. Excuse me for a second while I masturbate a bunch of Jack all over the blog!

JGF 2008 Year In Review:

1. I quit my real job and gave up a fat pay check and health insurance to do... nothing.

2. I moved from Washington D.C. back to my hometown of Richmond VA.

3. I eventually took up bartending as a full-time gig. In the past year alone I've worked in 5 bars, 3 simultaneously at one point. Now I work in one very lucrative bar a few nights a week. I may add a shift or two at another bar in the near future, but for the moment, except for a weird schedule and an unhealthy lifestyle, I'm doing fine.

4. I began 2008 with sizable debt. I ended 2008 with manageable debt.

5. I started this blog. It started in January with about 25 readers a day. During one Tuesday in October, I had over 1200 readers. (I won't divulge anymore numbers because apparently that's a big taboo in the blog world.) The site is growing and I still can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing.

6. Through the blog in 2008 I got threatened with a libel law suit, fired from a bartending job, got laid, made a bunch of new friends, got two Style Weekly Articles written about me (here and here ), got written about on a few other websites (most notably, here, on, got offered to start an awesome dating column on a local news site and get paid to do it, pissed a lot of people off, and gained a small level of notoriety here in Richmond. Had I known that all of this was going to happen this year because of the blog... I probably wouldn't have changed a thing.

7. I started writing a book. I got 75 pages in and realized that I had about 70 pages of complete drivel. I aborted the project and put those 75 pages aside. The book idea is still there, but I need to plan it out better next time. My new book plan is coming into focus and I expect 2009 to be the beginning of that plan.

8. Aside from trying to start a book, I expect 2009 to be a huge year for me professionally. Personally I doubt things will change much. Maybe I'll get struck by lightning and settle down for a while with a special girl, I very seriously doubt it though. I might look at moving to another place, but I probably won't look at rejoining the 9 to 5 world in the 09'. In terms of writing and working, I have a broad idea of what I want to do and where I want to go. It's pretty outlandish what I have in mind though, so for now it'll remain in my head. Let's just say that 2009 will the year to dream big, really fucking BIG.

9. Last but certainly not least, I wanted to thank all of the people who read this site, leave comments and send me emails. I get a good deal of encouraging emails and it's always nice and I will always respond. Hell I even appreciate the anonymous hater comments and snarky emails... Happy Holidays and I wish everyone the best in their endeavors in the new year.

..Now, I promise not to make anymore lists that have to do with how awesome I think I am, at least until the end of 2009.


Benedict Smith said...

a lot of writers, will automatically set aside the first five pages of any work they you only lost about 70 pages. it happens. i did a novella first and a lot of short stories to cut my teeth before a novel.

Jason Roop said...

Here's to 2009, Jack.

the one and only ridor said...

You forgot to include the historical meeting of two bloggers -- me and you, Jack!

My ego just got deflated today! ;-)

2008 is not good year fer me but here's to 2009!