Monday, December 29, 2008

Interesting Life Lesson

*"Honey, I only slept with 7 of the Chicago Cubs at that party, and that was two years before I met you."

Take this piece of advice to the bank. I promise it will never fail you:
Tattoos on a girl are perfectly acceptable and in many cases, downright sexy. Don't hesitate with a girl just because she has a few tattoos.

Do hesitate with a girl if she has a sports team's logo tattooed anywhere on her body, especially in the "tramp stamp" region. I repeat, if a girl has a team logo from any of the 4 major sports leagues on her body, drop everything and walk away. In fact, if she has any type of sports logo (high school, college, minor league, Richmond Braves) then you should not have your penis within a 15 foot radius of her.

Even if the team on her body is one that you despise and you harbor the secret urge to pull out during copulation and defile the logo, which believe me, can be tempting...Don't do it. Even if you only want to do it just so you call tell fans of that team about how you splooged on their logo... Just don't do it! It's for your own safety.
...I'm still surprised at the things one can come across in my line of work.


Anonymous said...

What if it's a Dallas Cowboys logo? Can that be an exception? I'd really like to cover the Cowboys star in white stuff and then immediately kick the girl out of my apartment.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

Men love my Taz tattoo.