Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Room For Blogs

Some random thoughts on blogging:

1. I think there's a particular subset of people (97 percent of the world's population) that still scoff at blogs and think that bloggers are dorks. I don't blame them. I once used to make fun of blogs and the entire concept of tracking personal thoughts or random musings for the world to see. I'm still convinced that until blogs started to become super-mainstream, original bloggers (OB's) were and still are, just kids who played a lot of D and D, and/or World of Warcraft.

2. I've read that blogs and blogging have already peaked, but I really don't believe that. Evidenced by the fact that a lot of huge corporations have started a "corporate blog". Most of these corporations are behind the curve, but still, it's happening. I think the ability to connect with people on a more personal level has prompted these behemoths (Dell, Ford, Best Buy) to start blogs in addition to their regular websites. Some companies (Dell, for one) even have entire teams of bloggers whose only job is to blog. I wonder if or is looking for a full-time blogger? I'd kill in that job...kill.

3. Another reason why blogging is still growing. Waaaayyyy behind the curve newspapers, cough cough, The Richmond Times Dispatch, are starting 3-4 blogs a day. Although most of them are good fodder to help you doze off at 3 PM, I like what they're trying to do. And what the crap is this thing?

4. I predict that I'll get a real-paying job in the future, as an indirect result of this blog. I don't consider writing for RVAnews a "real paying job", but it's a start. Instead of having to sell myself via an interview or networking, I sell myself everyday, instantly over blog. This concept is nothing new, but it's new to me. Of course the person who eventually would hire me would also have to be okay with blunt speak about sex and other people . Maybe I can just attempt to do more substantive writing, while still clogging girl's toilets with condoms and defending myself from crazed ex-boyfriends.

5. I've met more cool people through blogging than I have through any other endeavor (except maybe bartending, but it's close).

6. I've met more girls through bartending, although blogging is running a surprising, yet distant second.

7. If I ever get enough readers (my goal number is 100 K hits, not uniques, a month), I will totally sell out and put Google AdSense on my blog. It's money for nothing, and probably a few chicks for free too.

8. I just watched an old music video of Jay Z's "Who You Wit" and that's what made me think of the term OB's or Original Bloggers. I'm not taking credit for the term because I'm sure it's been said before. In the video there is a "Player's Ball" and they have the "Pimp of the Year Awards". Do you think they have bloggers balls? I bet this has happened before. In my imagination it involves a lot of pale, pudgy, acne ridden dudes with goatees, then they probably hire professionals to come in and pretend to flirt with everyone. Sort of like a porn convention I suppose...Or Hooters, but Hooters girls are genuine when they flirt with me...I swear.


Scott said...

Hey man, just cause I was a 14th level pallidin elf in my D&D days is no excuse for slagging dorks....

Seriously though, before blogs, many OB or early bloggers did zines...lots and lots of zines...

.lp. said...

can i get a heck yes?

takin blogging way back.

like LiveJournal!

like George n Weezy.

like fruit rollups and string cheeze playa.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

I've got blogger balls ... biggest pair you ever seen. Ha.

(tips hat to Kevin Smith)

Good to see you're getting back from all the effort you put in here. Cheers.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

What have you tried in the way of actively promoting your blog?

I've had a relatively easy time of finding readers from all over the world.

But reaching any significant number of actual Richmond readers has proven very difficult.