Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Robot Hearts

I've started working on the new dating column, which is being called "Robot Hearts" and is slated to begin Tuesday the 18th (next week) over at Once the techie geeks (Ross Catrow) make the design for the column, which I'm being told is a cool pixelated heart , I'll probably put a permanent link to the column somewhere on this blog.

Looking at the questions and attempting to answer relationship (and some sex) related queries has made me realize a few things:

1. I'm far from an expert on relationships, in fact I may be the last person you would want to speak with regarding male/female relations. My longest relationship was a three year roller coaster of break-ups and make-ups, punctuated by shouting matches in bars and really good sex. The rest of my relationship resume consists of many one to three month stands with the entire gamut of womenfolk, most of which did not end well.

2. What will make the column good is that I'm going to shoot from the hip and hold nothing back. I want the column to be funny (and it will be), but I also want to try and give real answers. I'm expecting my two female counterparts (Val Catrow and Susan Howson) to give the more sensible answers, but we'll see...

3. Actually having to sit down and write is sort of weird. I like the feeling of doing work, but it's different from blogging because I usually blog without care and without time frames. This is different.

4. I predict Robot Hearts will kick ass. The name alone makes it a winner in my book.

Stay tuned and I'll point you over to RVAnews next week for the first installment (of many, hopefully).

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the one and only ridor said...

Sounds like you're the heterosexual Dan Savage for this town! In case if you do not know who he is, he is sex columnist for The Stranger (Seattle) whom I admired for many years.

One amusing thing about Dan is that he's openly gay but that does not stop straight folks asking him for sex advices!

Good luck!