Thursday, November 20, 2008

Robot Hearts Begins

The inaugural addition of Robot Hearts, my joint dating column, came out today. Get over to RVAnews and check it out. Leave feedback, submit any dating and/or sex dilemmas or just email us and tell us how pretentious and unfunny we all works.

And yes, we stole the icon (above) from The Legend of Zelda.


GJ said...

You got one-upped by your female co-writer on the second one!

Otherwise not bad. I think you'll find your rhythm as it goes on, but your co-writer seems to be reasonably cynical so it could be pretty entertaining. I wonder if half the men with hot ho-monster girlfriends in Richmond are now eyeing their women suspiciously after the first question.

the one and only ridor said...

put bleach in his chocolate milk?

oh god. that will serve as a reminder not to piss you off at any bartending gig!