Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am A Richmond Blogger Douche

A commenter has notified me that someone has taken the time to blow me up on TheDirty.com. Click on "Richmond" below.

Richmond Blogger Douche

THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche Jack has a blog here in Richmond that he thinks is the hottest sh*t known to man. He recently got fired from one of his bartending gigs for blogging about a customer and now he goes around bragging to girls about how he’s a writer and about how he got “censored” for blogging. Blow this assbag up for being an idiot.

"Everyone thinks they can be me now."- Nik Richie (founder of reality blog, The Dirty.com)

The cool and slightly strange part about this is, I'm wearing my aforementioned Soviet Union sickle and hammer t-shirt, and I'm almost certain that this picture was taken at the Strawberry Hill Races this past May. Okay okay, I look like a douche in the picture

...And I DO NOT brag to girls about this blog. You people read this blog. Do you really think I have anything to brag about?... I instead get others to drop subtle hints about how awesome I am. It's part of a deal I worked out with some other area bartenders.


Anonymous said...

don't doubt yourself. You are simply an occasional douche. As a female, I now want to do you more. Recycling shirts AND dirty.com? Just tell me where & when

.lp. said...

hater wanna hate.

latrimose said...

To each his own. Ur blog is interesting cause its local, and only gets personal based on observations. You stay clear of conceited rants, so ur good. Your life is a whole side of Richmond I don't see...my universe revolves around westendedness, and its a little boring at times. Get into more ex-boyfriend dilemmas. Great stuff.

The One and Only Ridor said...

Jack, you have arrived.

Don't change. That is not a request. That is an order.

I know you emailed me to make a plan to meet you ... I promise to do such this ... week or this coming weekend. Email me to let me know when do you work ... I'll be there. I'm free this week.

Otherwise, do. Not. Change. Anything. About. Yourself. And. Your. Blog!

That is an order.



Anonymous said...

I'm the one who alerted you and it's funny because I had never even heard of your blog until I read about it on thedirty. Now I'm hooked. Jokes on them because I bet you'll be having A LOT more traffic now thanks to the free advertising!

Zosimus the Heathen said...

Funnily enough, I have one of those Soviet T-shirts myself (one with the hammer and sickle on it, as well as the letters CCCP), and whenever I wear it, I feel like a hipster douche. I seem to get this attitude of, "I know it's glorifying a country that has the blood of at least twenty million of its own citizens on its hands, but I'm only wearing it to be IRONIC, man!" Plus, it looks pretty cool. For all of their faults, the Commies sure knew how to do propaganda!

Anonymous said...

If anyone's a "blogger douche" it's Ridor.

Anonymous said...

thedirty.com is so fucking lame. There is nothing funny, cool or original about the blog. I mean it is so easy to post pictures of people and refer to them as a douche. Seriously the whole douche thing is played out too, at least switch it up a bit. Keep doing your thing Jack, your blog rocks. Nik is a douche