Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save Richmond Hearts Jack

From the kind people over at

"Horndog, man about town, drink-mixer and controversial observer — Richmond’s more charismatic version of Joe the Plumber managed to take a hedonistic worldview and make a sizable splash on the local political scene as a would-be kingmaker. I don’t always agree with him, but I hope that Jack never “settles down.” - Under ".Election Winners and Losers"

I don't know about "horndog", but if that implies that I spend more time than most enthusiastically participating in gentlemanly pursuits...well then yes, horndog fits the bill.

And don't worry Don, settling down (with a women or on this blog) is the last thing on my mind.


Anonymous said...

Jack should join the rest of the City in relief that Pantele did not get elected. At the same time, he should do some 'investigative journalism' and invite Mayor Wilder and Mayor Elect Jones out for a drink.

The City deserves to know that the Wilder-Marsh feud will not impede future progress by the Mayor at Large, just as the country should know that the Bush-Clinton days are over.

Anonymous said...

Didnt you say you would be blogging every day? Sad to see only one more post this week :(