Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bartender Odds

Percentage chance of a patron trying to walk out on, and/or not pay their tab, based on the first drink ordered:

Long Island Iced Tea: 4% chance

Blue Motorcycle: 7% chance

Grey Goose and Pineapple: 13% chance

"Whatever the cheapest drink in the bar is": 17% chance

Corona with grenadine in it: 24% chance

This study is based on my last 10,000 drinks poured. Of course 10,000 is a completely arbitrary number and I have no idea how many drinks I even poured in the last 6 hours. Regardless, if Wilt Chamberlain can claim to have slept with 10,000 women, then I can make the claim to have poured 10,000 drinks. Even if we're both off by a few thousand...

The purpose of this study? Well, there really isn't one. Just don't get offended when I ask for your credit card to hold the tab. I've seen too many people I used to trust, "forget" to pay their tab.


Anonymous said...

Anything with "light ice"...18%

Anonymous said...

I have to admit... I've done this once, but not because I "forgot", I really did just forget...they were good drinks!

roosh said...

I've been working for 6 weeks now, and no one has ordered a shot from me yet. No lie.

We don't have red bull and definitely no jagr. I don't think you'd like working at my bar.

Pepper said...

Corona with grenadine is the most obnoxious drink someone could order... and as for walk outs... I'm gonna have to say anyone who orders a rail liquor shot has a slighter high percentage of walking then others...