Monday, November 17, 2008

A Baby Named Jack

I received an email today informing me that the Catrow's (Ross and Val) of had just had their son and that they had named him Jack.

My response to the email: "That kid will now lead a life full of increased virility and social standing..all due to four little letters. -Jack"

What I failed to mention is that the kid will also have his name used in a variety of ways that his parents never intended, including the oh-so-popular "Jack-off", or "Jack Mehoff", and don't forget about the lovely "Jackass". Also he will be called "Jackie" by many, even at the advanced age of 25 years old.

My personal favorite as of late has been "Jack In Your Box" for inappropiate reasons that I won't get into on the blog.

Either way, Catrows, congrats on choosing such a strong, manly name for your first born. May he go forth and prosper.


Anonymous said...

I don't think their intentions are that he will "go forth" in the same way as you.

Tom Sanchez Prunier said...

Jack, Tom ain't no better:

Tom Foolery
Peeping Tom
Tom Thumb
Tommy, can you hear me?
Tom Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

Maybe if they ever have a daughter they could name her "Jocelyn". It's one name that's impossible to make fun of!

wantchobotty said...

i'll dance, testes-harder.

"my balls were jostling around like two hotsauce pigs in a gunny sack"
... a timeless dis.

Susan Howson said...

Welllll...his name is technically Jackson, and I DO call him Jackie because it's adorable.

You're like one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty that bestows a thing upon the baby. Val should stick that in the baby book.