Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sober Dating

I'm fairly sure that most guys have little to no experience with dating over the top, stunningly attractive women. I know I certainly don't. I think the problem is once a guy goes on a date with this type of girl he will end up doing everything and anything to possess her, thus taking her off the market. This is why you rarely find a truly breathtaking women who is single. The second problem is the fact that there simply aren't that many extremely attractive women in places like Richmond Virginia or Washington DC. (NYC and Miami is a different story.)

The reason I mention this is because I have a coffee date before work today with a girl that I think could safely be called beautiful. Okay okay, so I realize coffee dates are the worst possible idea, but with my work schedule this week I found that it was the only way that I could actually see this girl without being behind the bar and serving her drinks (although I'm definately not counting that out as date # 2).

I know nothing about her except her name, her drinking habits (we met when she was one of my customers this past weekend), and what she looks like. I know she looks good, so that's 90 % of the battle right there.

Without alcohol or the nighttime involved I may have to resort to just being myself.

Let's face it, I'm fucked.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. As you get older, these things tend to be less of a big deal. Usually because the "beauty" factor wears off after the fourth bang (in college, it was like two months of being in awe; then she became a face in the crowd). After a while, you notice everything else wrong with her (and there are always plenty). Of all the hot girls in my life, there's only one over-the-top hot girl that I still consider over-the-top (we dated for two years). It's been a few years, but whenever we meet, we still coast on pure lust. We just could never be in a relationship because I couldn't control her... and really, who wants to deal with a woman who thinks the world is hers? (I told her, "newsflash babe; in seven years when your numbers up, you're going to have to work a whole lot harder to get by.")

Anonymous said...

Y'all are forgetting the Smokey Robinson song..

"First I look at the Purse"

Anonymous said...

That's crap. I'm beautiful and I live in Richmond. Why is it so difficult for you to be yourself? Try being honest with yourself (and the girl of course) and everything should be fine. Guys tend to have a major problem with that.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that even Camille's beauty will fade one day and then what will Prince Charlie have?

Anonymous said...

Oye papi, tu no sabe todo.Tu ser que aprende algo nuevo.

kc said...

So if looks are 90% of the battle, what happens when the looks fade and the only thing you're left with is the other 10%?

roissy said...

So if looks are 90% of the battle, what happens when the looks fade and the only thing you're left with is the other 10%?

and lots of alcohol.