Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reader Has Jack's Back

In this past week's Style Weekly a girl wrote a letter to the editor after the article on me and my dust up with Channel 6 came out the previous week. You can read the letter here.

The highlights:

Jack, who is living his life like all the rest of us, searches for an outlet for his day-to-day frustrations and observations and turns to the blog as a new-age media diary. These witty and astute observations from a sociologist would be revered in the academic field; however, coming from someone who does not have that distinction, some dismiss them as slanderous and disruptive.To the uneducated eye, Jack’s work may be misunderstood, but he has every right to write as he sees fit, that being one of the joys of American citizenship. People do not like to see how others see them, yet Jack is brave enough to put his work out there and is open to criticism. He may not know how to make a blue drink, but he nails the life and times of the bar characters with the greatest of accuracy and should be commended, not criticized.

"May not know how to make a blue drink"????? WTF? I've probably made more Blue Motorcycles in the past 10 months than any other bartender in Richmond. Nevertheless, the fact that someone took the time to write a letter defending me is flattering. Jen W from Glen Allen, a free round of drinks and shots is awaiting you downtown and pending your level of attractiveness, a date to some of the finest watering holes in Richmond may just be in the cards too. :)


The One and Only Ridor said...

Thanks for the link. It certainly made my day. So glad to know that there are folks out there like that.

You know me, I'm on your side, dude!


Robot Boy said...

Good to know that free speech is alive and well in the South. Next time I'm in town (well, first time) we can go out and exercise some vigilante justice.