Monday, October 27, 2008

JGF Teams Up With The Guy Upstairs

"Wait, did he really just say that? Am I hallucinating right now?" -Jack, watching TV at 6 AM, after the bartenders ball on Sunday night.

I was laying in bed with a girl, who actually is just a good friend, and for some reason the TV was on a local public access cable station (Like the fictional station that Wayne's World came on). A Reverend named Gerald Glenn was speaking, and he was saying something about the mayorial candidates when I heard something like this (although these are not his exact words, I repeat, I am not quoting him):

(Imagine me speaking in a loud preacher man's voice) "We don't care what the man drinks or what he does in his spare time. Oh so he drinks a Rob Roy when he's out at the bars? Who cares. This election should be about the issues and not about personal BS!"

I looked over at my friend and she burst out laughing.

"He's talking about your blog!"

I thought that maybe it was just a coincidence or that maybe I was just really really fucked up (I was), so I googled Gerald Glenn and it turns out that he's a local Bishop who supports Dwight Jones for mayor. He had to be referring to the Pantele incident, although at the time of this blog posting, I am still officially intoxicated, so it's a possibility that I'm completely off base here.

Either way, I think I was referred to in a early Monday morning sermon at an 2500 member, historically African American church. If I haven't officially arrived yet, then I did on Monday morning. Although what "arrived" means is open to people's interpretation.

The right Reverend Gerald Glenn has spoken, this blog is a public nuisance! Can I get an amen!?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you read what the Rev. said about you on his blog?

Cranny said...

He most likely read about it in Style.

Anonymous said...

you've "arrived"???

Whoa Champ! Reel in that ego.

Benedict Smith said...

good work.