Monday, October 13, 2008

New Source Of Inspiration

*The blood in this image is in no way related to my aborted baby/bloody condom story from last week. I swear.

I've just now stumbled upon the blog Gaping Void written by Hugh MacLeod, and in the space of a week it has, without a doubt , become one of my favorite blogs. Hugh is basically a renaissance man whose main gig and original claim to fame was doing witty and creative art/sayings for the back of business cards. He also has a book coming out early next year which is based on one of best blog posts I've every read; How To Be Creative (A book deal from one solitary blog post?!? Maybe there's hope for JGF after all.)

Just reading this guy for a few minutes everyday has been an inspiration and it has given me all sorts of ideas for my writing and where I want this blog to go. If you need to get moving on something or want to try something different in your life, definately check out his blog.
In honor of Hugh's art, I've done my own "Business card" for the Jack Goes Forth blog (above). Clearly, I will never be an artist, but I think it sums up this 25 year olds life pretty well.

Here are some of my favorite Gaping Void business card pieces (There's also about 1000 more of these on his website):

Bill Gates may have a million times more money than me, but he isn’t going to live a million times longer than me, watch a million times more sunsets than me, make love to a million times more women than me, drink a million times more fine wines than me, listen to a million times more Beethoven String Quartets than me, nor sire a million times more children than me. Human beings don't scale. - Hugh MacLeod ""


Kelly said...

okay... the first pic-artwork is fucking hilarious... or maybe i am a bit drunk... still made me laugh

Anonymous said...

Tucker Max, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Hugh MacLeod. Do you have original thoughts or just copy others?

Anonymous said...

Love the business card. But in the future do not use some 4 year old to do your printing. That was a 4 year old printing that, right?