Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Style Weekly Article and Pantele Responds

Okay, it's time to bring some closure to this whole "getting fired because of a candidate running for a huge city office crying wolf" thing.
UPDATE: The bloggers have spoken. We no like Billy.

In today's Style Weekly there was another article about my blog and my recent firing from one of my bartending jobs. Read it here. (The first article can be found here.) The recent piece gives no new information and it basically restates everything that I said on the blog. Oh well, getting featured in Central VA's largest alternative newspaper is still pretty cool.

Secondly, I did hear back from the Bill Pantele camp, or more specifically his campaign manager, Craig Bieber. Whether or not Craig is related to the undisputedly lame, locally based, catchy commercials, injury attorney guy Joel Bieber, is yet to be determined. Here is the email in full:

Those of us working on Bill Pantele’s campaign for Mayor read your initial post about Bill Pantele on your blog, and thought that it was quite funny and amusing. In fact, it was complimentary in many ways, and we greatly appreciated your endorsement of Bill’s candidacy. Please be assured that no one associated with the Pantele campaign contacted anyone at the restaurant to express an opinion about your blog post.

Craig Bieber
Campaign Manager
Bill Pantele for Mayor

First off I have to admit, I didn't expect to hear anything from Pantele or anyone associated with him and second, I believe that Pantele and his inner circle had nothing to do with getting me fired. I do still believe that some yokels who support Pantele and who were at the fundraiser that I bartended made the calls to Havana 59 and got me fired, but that's neither here nor there.

This situation has been unpleasant for me, mostly because the people (management) at Havana who were my friends and who helped me, are no longer so. It sucks, but it's life and I'm moving on. I blame management at Havana, I blame local idiots who don't understand the concept of free speech and I blame myself for getting fired. I'll make a great effort to never speak of this again.

On a much brighter note, I had drinks with mayorial candidate Robert Grey today. Why did we have drinks? What did I think about him? What does he do with his royalties as the dude from the "Just For Men, Touch Of Gray Haircare" box??? We have answers people...

I'll post about it tommorow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Great. Now you're gonna have Joel Bieber after you. Another controversy, another Style article. Tell me, aren't your love interests worried that there gonna be a media circus around their booty? Usually, the playa is an indulgence best kept on the down low.

Jason said...

I mean c'mon, you've seen the commercials... JGF was taking it easy on Joel Bieber with the indisputedly lame talk.

Anonymous said...

R.Kelly said it best Jack.

Just keep it on the down looooowwwwww.... Nooooobody has to knnnnnooooowwwwww...no no no no...nooobooddyyy!!!!

Justin said...


i'm probably the only person to ever search your blog from china, im that bored (not in the least). but that sucks about getting fired from havana. i'm not just saying that because you are a total douche. you should try getting a bartending gig in the fan. that way i won't have to walk so far for free drinks.

Suzie Q said...

If Pantele wins this thing, there's a good chance that he will outlaw blogs all together. Check this out http://www.lestercat.net/blog/2008/10/22/pantele-says-that-richmond-needs-less-bloggers/

Anonymous said...

Haha that picture sucks.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to them Jack! Its gotta be the lighting!!!!

Daniel said...

i haven't followed your blog for long, so it wasn't until this post that I realized you work for H.59. Now I have two reasons to never return there.

1. They fired you for blogging.
2. No Happy Hour.