Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Toxic Bartender

*At the pace I'm going, this is me in 4 years. Well, it's me if I was a small Asian man.

Health professionals recommend having a glass of wine or one alcoholic beverage every day or so. They don't recommend 4 sugar-free Red Bull Vodkas and three shots of Tuaca every night, and I'm starting to see why that is.

I realized that for the past five days I've either been steadily drinking during my shift, or going out afterwards and getting blasted at another bar. My body still feels strong but my head is a little foggy today and I'm sort of sluggish (although I'm only about 7 hours into my usual 11 hours of sleep). I've always been a binge drinker and in between my bouts I take many days off, so this steady "progression drinking" is beginning to take it's toll.

If I'm going to begin my professional poker career in Atlantic City on Sunday, I need to sober up and regain my senses.

Note: I don't actually drink behind the bar while I'm working, because that of course is against ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) regulations, and I would NEVER break an ABC regulation... wink wink


sam said...

I apologize if I don't seem eager to jump into forced, awkward, intimate situation that people like to call "dating".

Benedict Smith said...

intimacy in dating? perish the thought in the progressive world in which we inhabit :)