Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweating Profusely During Sex???

I knew something was wrong when I was drinking that Diet Pepsi on the way over to her place. My energy was low, I wasn't bobbing my head to the music. I just wasn't happy about it being Sunday. Physically I felt fine, my head was a bit foggy though. I was unreasonably morose.

I got there and she noticed too. I was in a sour mood, barely speaking to her. My throat was really dry and I kept reaching for the water bottle. She asked me what was wrong and I didn't have an answer. It certainly wasn't her. She looked better than I had ever seen her look, although I didn't tell her that.

We began to have sex and I began to sweat profusely. This was a sign that something was amiss with my body. I was dripping sweat, which never really happens unless I'm in the gym. She noticed this too, but it didn't stop us from finishing.

Afterwards I was still sweating. Laying in her bed, in front of the window AC unit and I can't cool down. My desire to have sex again was non-existent. I needed my bed and I needed zero conversation. She didn't understand why I was so grumpy and didn't want to talk. So I left and in the process I probably pissed her off. I guess it's rude to come over to a girls place, immediately initiate sex, and then leave shortly thereafter.

I got home and dozed off during Seinfeld at 10:40. I never fall asleep with the TV on, much less my favorite show of all time. It was the earliest I've been to bed in three months.

I woke up feeling like I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels last night, yet I've been sober for the past two nights.

I'm either going through alcohol withdrawl or I have some sort of flu. This isn't how I planned on my Fall starting.


Rudy said...
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Rudy said...

I'd say you were experiencing the wonderful beginning stages of alcohol withdrawal if you also were anxious, tired, couldn't think straight, a little depressed, jumpy, a touch emotional,couldn't sleep/eat, irritable, and the key part: You just can't get it out of your head that this could all be cured with "just a couple drinks". Good Luck, Godspeed, and see ya at A.A.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Thanks Rudes. I know it's not alcohol related, but with the way I feel currently I almost wish it was.

Either way, I need to lay off the hard stuff for at least a week or two.

The One and Only Ridor said...

YOu should have sex with men instead. Men probably does not give a shit if you will never call him again after having sex! :-)