Monday, September 8, 2008

The NASCAR Rednecks Depart, JGF Rejoices!

On Friday night I had to jump the bar three times during the evening to kick out three separate guys. All three decided to reach up and grab a girls "cooter" as the girls danced on the bar. I witnessed all three incidents with a mix of disgust and fascination. Who goes around grabbing girls in the crotch without asking? Who were the offenders you ask?

Out of towners who were here for Nascar. One guy thought it would be funny to smack one of our female bartenders on the ass earlier in the evening. To her credit, she managed not to kill him, but I did find her in the back, near tears a little later in the night. I kept my eye on this jackass, waiting for the slightest slip up after that and of course he reaches up and puts two fingers between a girls legs, all the while turning and laughing with his friends. It was my pleasure to push him out the front door.

I'm not grouping all Nascar fans with these people because I know that there are many fine, quality people who love to watch guys drive in a circle, but there is a definite subset in Nascar fandom that never learned how to act like functioning adults and who probably shouldn't be allowed out of certain areas of the south. I know this may offend my southside readers (although I'm from southside also), but it's the truth, no matter how offending it may be.

Sidenote: Saturday night a guy punched a girl in the face outside of the other bar I work at. My barback witnessed it after they left the restaurant. Guess why they were in town????


The One and Only Ridor said...

Jack: I love you! LOL. When you wrote each paragraph, I nod in agreement repeatedly ... you can bet that I'll bookmark your blog from now on.

Thanks to RVABlogs!


iwishicouldcook said...

I was at AT&T on Saturday afternoon, and they had the stupid AT&T car out front surrounded by a herd of rednecks. As I'm browsing, I hear a fight break the freaking store. Guess what, it was some ass NASCAR fan yelling at the sales guy for some unknown reason. He had to be kicked out of a shopping center cell phone store. Hatred.

Bookstore Piet said...

We used to go to the NASCAR races... It used to be a very fun party. The last couple of times we went it was starting to get very scary. Most women over the age of fifty should not expose their breasts. Playing frisbee while drunk in a packed parking lot is not a good idea. If you are so drunk you cannot enunciate or complete sentences keep your opinions to yourself...

Brie said...

These types of men are even more charming when they frequent gentlemen's clubs. You can take my word for it.


Kyle said...

Ironically, Brie, I ran into a couple of very drunk NASCAR fans from Ohio this weekend who were looking for a "tittie bar" to patronize... I sent them to Jack's establishment instead.