Friday, September 5, 2008

JGF Says NO To Underage Drinking ...

*Okay so this is the second picture I've put up of little kids drinking booze. I'm not sure why but I just find this picture so funny and besides, it's not like they're naked or anything... Cause, well, that would be sort of strange.

Last night there was another University of Richmond fraternity party, but this time it was across the street from where I was tending at. My bar was a graveyard and I could only wistfully stare at the hundreds of drunken sorority girls walking up and down 18th street.

At one point I had four fraternity guys come in. Since I was the only bartender and we didn't have security or a door guy last night, it was up to me to check ID's. I carded all four guys and they all produced New York licenses which said that they were 21. Now I'm not an idiot, I knew almost immediately that these were fake ID's because honestly, 4 guys all from different cities in NY all hanging out together? What are the odds? Lucky for them I couldn't distinguish if the ID's were fake, and even more lucky for them, I could've cared less if they were, so I served them up some drinks.

Next, 4 incredibly hot sorority girls walk in and start talking to the guys. I notice the remains of smudged, big black X's on each of their hands, signifying that the last bar had marked them underage.

So one of these frat boys comes up to the bar and orders 4 more Vodka + Cranberrys. I knew where they were going but I was sort of in a shit mood, sort of hungover and I kind of felt like being an ass. So I made the drinks and collected his money and his tip. Then I watched as he handed the four girls the drinks I had just made. He makes no attempt at discretion and does this directly in front of me, directly at the bar.

So I calmly walk around the bar and ask the girls for their ID's. They of course can't produce 21+ ID's so I have to take away their full drinks and kick them and the guy who bought the drinks out. I admit it was a little cold-blooded because I could've easily just not sold him the drinks.

I closed up the bar around 1 AM and walked over to the U of R party. I saw the guy I booted out and ended up buying him a drink. Besides, who am I to punish this poor kid when all he was doing was trying to get some underage sorority girls to drink and make bad decisions??? Instead of being a dick, I should have been applauding his entrepreneurial spirit and assisting him in his efforts.


Bookstore Piet said...

I could be wrong but both pictures seem to be of kids drinking Danish beers. Doesn't surprise me. Last time I was in Denmark visiting family we watched their version of silly video clips on TV, Denmark's Funniest Home Videos... Oddly, a significant number of the videos involved small children drinking beer...

Still have the taste of cheesy tater tots in my mouth... :)

dchero said...

You should be ashamed of yourself. Especially if those girls were that hot.

Ava V. said...

i guess you could just have kicked the guys out, and kept the ladies for yourself

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Benedict Smith said...

he should have just been fucking NOT OBVIOUS about it.

The One and Only Ridor said...

We should party together one day. Be careful -- there will be some readers who will try to pinpoint and report you to the ABCs. Virginia is infamous for that behavior.

Where do you bartend? Don't worry, I won't stalk.


Robot Boy said...

You've been cougarized, my friend!

My favorite thing about AC is the squalor a couple of blocks off the water - pawnshops, dive bars, falling down shacks. But I'm kind of perverse.
You should check out the Louis Malle film Atlantic City. It's brilliant.

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