Sunday, September 14, 2008

JGF Wants Change

After witnessing how Shockoe Bottom turns into the Los Angeles riots every Saturday night and then being afraid that my car got destroyed from the cops tear-gassing two blocks of Main Street(twice) in an effort to subdue the mayhem, I'm starting to get more interested in the Richmond Mayorial race.

I work downtown and then drive home to the southside of Richmond. The new toll hike is already kicking my ass (I'm using an extra quarter (75 cents a toll for a 70 cent toll) to pay the 20 cent hike because finding two dimes at 3 AM without crashing is difficult) and the added traffic and confusion that it's bringing to the already horrible driving in Richmond is driving me nuts. As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm being affected by some of the issues.

This has forced me to start paying closer attention to the race, which I can probably do by reading local blog Buttermilk and Molasses, simply because he posts about the election 17 to 19 times a day. And who knows? Maybe a bartending blogger can even make a difference, because lets be honest,voter turn out for the next Richmond Mayor will probably be about equal to the number of people I serve drinks to every night. It sucks, but it also means that every vote will count that much more.


The One and Only Ridor said...

"I'm using an extra quarter (75 cents a toll for a 70 cent toll) to pay the 20 cent hike because finding two dimes at 3 AM without crashing is difficult"

HAHAHAHA! I can relate to what you felt -- I was thinking, "Why 70? Why not make it easy by going for 75? I had to dig up for two dimes one time last Wednesday only to have a friend say, 'fuck it and donate the fucking nickel so we won't crash into anyone else!'




The One and Only Ridor said...

One more thing -- I hadn't been to bars in Bottom that much but your first sentence caught my eye -- you kid me about that? Or what?


Kyle said...

I moved away from the Bottom for the very reason Jack describes... the scene got more thug-and-tumble every year I lived there to the point that I deemed it unsafe for residence. Someone needs to clean up that joint.

Jeff E. said...

Funny thing is there are only 2-3 clubs that cater strictly to that clientele which doesn't justify the number of people you often see down there. It seems to be a tradition to show up at 2am and stand around on the sidewalks doing nothing.

Jack Goes Forth said...

For some reason Fridays aren't that bad, but Saturdays(Jeff is right)people just stand around for no reason. I'm not scared of the crowds due to the massive police force down there now, but I can see why people would stay away and businesses and bars are suffering.

kc said... sound like my boyfriend. he's pretty annoyed about the two quarters and two dimes, so of course i'm the annoying woman and tell him to get his toll money out before he starts driving or go to full service or be like me and get an EZ Pass...