Sunday, September 14, 2008

Intellectual Girl Seeks Poor, Well-read Bartender

Sometimes you build up a night or an event and then it never lives up to the advance billing. This last Friday night was not one of those nights.

I'm sitting here and trying to blog about Friday night but it's difficult to make a funny blogpost while not completely cockblocking myself and/or incriminating the other parties involved. For this Friday's sake and for my reputation, which is on precarious footing as it is, I'll note a useful observation from the evening and then never speak of my actions again.

- Untapped resource which is now tapped: Girls that go to University of Richmond Law School. My friends and I were already half in the bag when I got a text that Blackfinn has one dollar rail liquor on Fridays till 11PM. I then remembered that a barback I work with works there also, so off we went. We were lucky enough to stumble into some sort of UR Law happy hour where we ran into a guy we went to school with, who is now enrolled there. He was nice enough to introduce us to every hot law school girl in the joint, and I was nice enough to hit on every single one of them. A tall blonde (possibly the best of the bunch) caught my eye and it just so happened that she was also the highest ranked girl in her class (top ten). The combination of beauty and brains had me hooked.... That's all I'm saying.

Quick Bartender Insider: Smart, rich girls like to go "slumming" with poor bartenders. I think it has something to do with the show Sex And The City and the fact that the smart, career driven Miranda(an attorney) ends up falling for the gritty bartender played by Steve. Don't ask me how I know the show or any of its plotlines. Really, just don't ask.

For those not in the know, status and money mean nothing when it comes to attraction. Guys in Richmond seem to think otherwise though and it ends up making it rediculously easy for me and a few select others to, ahhhh, "date" women.


Benedict Smith said...

the girls i fucked the quickest i also spent the least money on. pay for her time and get nothing in return. it's the way of the world.

The One and Only Ridor said...

i noticed something -- for two to tango, balance is necessary. it's yin-yang -- lawyer/lawyer often do not go well. lawyer/bartender is more likely to go well.

I know I want me a doctor or lawyer.

Anyone volunteer? Must be a male. ;-)


kc said... found richmond's elle woods...