Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Date Bartenders

I'm not exactly your regular neighborhood bartender so I may not be the right guy to insert into the adage, "don't date bartenders." My loose morals and reluctance (okay, I meant refusal) to get into anything serious, sort of disqualifies me from the Richmond relationship pool.

But even with normal human beings who happen to bartend, male or female, the life of a bartender makes it very difficult to have a normal relationship. The hours, the temptation, the booze, the camaraderie you build with your co-workers which sometimes leads to extra-curricular activites..... That's why you see so many service industry people dating each other.

Most bartenders are regular people, hoping to meet Miss or Mister Right. Of course there are the scoundrels like me out there too.

Just be careful.

On the other hand, bartenders are great for flings though. Free booze and no strings attached sex!!!! Hooray!


Ambience said...

Does the same rule go for waitresses in big restaurant chains? Like Chili's or Friday's?

Anonymous said...

"I'm Jimmy Carl Black, the Indian of the group. Where's the beer and when do we get paid? And where's my waitress?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what about Hooters girls? said...

yea, that's when you got to start working day bar in order to have a normal life. it sounds like a cop out. but, i worked nights for four years not one good relationship, now that i work day bar suddenly i am mr. reliable. you do have to take a cut in the money dept. but, you'll drink less which means you'll tip less. Which means you'll have more money than you realize.

william said...

you wont do it.