Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Day Date Goes Wrong

A Labor Day, day date. We begin by leisurely walking down Cary St, talking and enjoying the weather. Stops include Plan 9 music for some used CD's, Bevs for a root beer float and Shirt Fresh to see a friend. After awhile we decide to take all back alleys (strangely enough, the date and I really like exploring alleys) to cross the fan over to Monument Avenue. On Monument we decide that one drink is in order, so we stop at Banditos.

We get a beer and then we notice a poster advertising 5 dollar pitchers on Mondays, so we get one of those too. Next thing I know we're 4 Sauza Tequila shots and 2 Orange Crush shots deep, 4 pitchers in, and I've somehow enlisted a gay couple to explain the merits of anal sex to my date, who, after making new best friends with the gay dudes, was still not convinced that she wanted that orifice penetrated. Meanwhile the gay guys can't keep their hands off of me and I keep meandering over to the servers station to flirt with one of the waitresses who I also work with at another restaurant. So the night turned into a trainwreck, with the date and I possibly having sex and then getting into a fight, and then getting pizza I think...Although I'm not sure if it was all in that order. Somehow the gay guys got my number and kept calling all night too.

I shouldn't mix drinking and dating. I just can't control what's going to come out of my mouth when I've had 8 beers and 5 shots.


Benedict Smith said...

yeah, first dates and the getting to knwo you process I keep strictly sober...otherwise i get too focused on getting drunk, and/or totally fuck it up in another drunken way.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't convince her to break out the strap-on for you??? Poor baby :(

The One and Only Ridor said...

Aww, you're so cute, Jack.

I'm gay but I'm not like these two gay guys -- I don't hit on straight men -- I do flirt and tease them at times but I'm afraid to go much far than it is.

C'mere, Jack, I'm curious to see what you look like.