Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Excuse Not To Get A Real Job

For the past 5 years or so I've really been into Poker. Online games, Atlantic City live games, drunken house games, adderall'd up playing til 11 in the morning games, etc... Wherever there is a game, pending my current monetary situation, I'll usually join in. I've studied the game, talked the game, read the books, taken decent sized losses, taken decent sized wins... I know poker as well as the next internet geek.

So this past Sunday, after a 6 month hiatus, I delved back into the world of online poker out of sheer boredom. I then managed to take down a pretty big score in a major tourney held on Poker Stars (the biggest online poker site), and it made me realize a few things:

1. I can now afford my next tattoo (Yeah, I earmark poker winnings for things I absolutely don't need... A new tattoo, booze, clothes, random BS). Lets just say that financial planning isn't one of my strong points.

2. I'm still sick as ever at poker.

3. I could possibly build up a bankroll and turn poker into a profitable side gig. Profitable meaning a few hundred dollars every few weeks or so.

Number 3 has me thinking that with my off the wall schedule and complete lack of responsibility, I have time to experiment in that arena.

So I've decided to take a day trip to Atlantic City in two weeks and then document my wins, losses, time spent playing, driving, and everything else. I'll only play poker, and by "play", I mean I'll grind my fucking ass off (any real poker player knows what "grind" means). My car can get to AC and back on one tank of gas, so my overhead will be low and as long as I stay sober and focus on playing how I'm capable of playing, I should be able to come out in the positive for a minimum of one hundred dollars. Not a lot of money, I know, but I'd be doing something I love to do and who knows??? Maybe I could build a bankroll and end up making some real money. I just need to avoid the casino floor and the free drinks. If this trip is even remotely successful then I'll probably plan on taking a trip every one to two weeks on my off days (usually Sun/Mon).

Besides, "full-time bartender, part-time poker pro" sounds better than "full-time bartender, part-time blogger". Bloggers may get laid in DC, but here in Richmond? Well...Girls don't really want to get blogged about after they sleep with a guy. Weird huh?

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