Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why I Blog

It's 3 AM and after writing my last post about how I wasn't going to water anything down or write for other people anymore, I began flipping through my usual blogs and catching up on them when I came across a short post by Robert Anasi found here. First off, Robert Anasi isn't some guy who blogs about getting laid, or last nights drunkenness. He's an accomplished writer whose book "TheGloves" I've read 10 times, and whose book the The Gloves, motivates me to get off my complacent ass everytime I open it. I won't get into it here, but if you like Gonzo journalism, then you would like Anasi.

His lastest blog post discusses Jack Kerouac, Kerouac's work "Visions Of Cody" and how he still seems to get so little respect for his writing, even 40 years after his death. Anasi defends Kerouac and in reading his post, I'm reminded why I quit my boring job, why I started blogging, and what I'm trying to find at this point in my life. An excerpt from the post:

"It's a mishmash of experiments in style - tape transcripts, automatic writing, fantasies, multiple narrators, false narrators, you name it. You can smell stale benzedrine sweat and pot smoke when you read it. That said, it also has some of the most beautiful passages and scenes in American literature. There are pages where he so perfectly captures a mood, an immediacy - high in a subway station at 3 a.m., a touch football game on the street, a film shoot in San Francisco - that he recreates what life is like at its most intense moments."

I really like writing. I like the feeling I get when I write something that I think is good. I need to drop the formulas, drop the pretenses, and most of all just drop worrying about tomorrow. 6 months ago my writing was a lot worse than it is now (I know it still sucks now), but it had a lot more heart, and that's all that matters.

I'm heading to the couch to catch up on a few of the Kerouac novels I own.... I've become too comfortable in life once again, and that's the last thing I need right now...


tbsamsel said...

Try this... you'll be quite surprised..

Why Kerouac Matters: The Lessons of On the Road (They're Not What You Think)
by John Leland

here's a link

Brie said...

I liked Dharma Bums quite a lot. Also Desolate Angels. :)


iwishicouldcook said...

Brie: I second Dharma Bums. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Desolation Angels.. dammit!

MoJezz said...

I love great writing and just do not dig Kerouac. I am sure he is great. Writing, when it connects with the reader, is like good music that hits a listener. It is difficult to explain. It is impossibly hard to know why it works. Maybe my life - black, male, professional well beyond my 20s - is not one that resonates with Kerouac's writing. I do get why you like it Jack. From my read of your blog, which does seem to have found its voice, I think you have something to say from your experiences. Not sure exactly what it is, but I look forward to reading about it.