Thursday, August 28, 2008

University of Richmond Kids Party Like Coked Up Rockstars!

I'm bartending for some sort of University of Richmond function tonight (I think it's a greek thing). Aside from the overly-drunken antics that the U of R kids tend to bring when they go out drinking and the appearence of a few Black AMEX cards, it'll probably be a night just like any other.

When the trust fund kids start mouthing off to us or the new college binge drinkers start vomiting on the bar, I simply need to take a step back and remind myself that only 4 short years ago, that was me. While I certainly didn't have a black AMEX card or any credit card for that matter, I was a rude, low-tipping, loud, American college boozehound. These kids still have that raw exuberance you get when you're out on your own for the first time, and annoying as it can be to a bartender, it's actually quite beautiful compared to the worn out, bitter, I'd rather be elsewhere drinkers, that these kids will become in their later twenties. Damn I miss college...

Also I recently lamented on my lack of success when it comes to U of R girls. Well, I think that may be changing in the very very near future.

Enjoy your labor day weekend as I begin my work week with 4 shifts this weekend and a whole lot of, well... labor. In return I'll think of you on Tuesday when I'm drunk on a beach somewhere in North Carolina. :)


Bas said...

"Greek thing": as in the nationality or the fraternity sense of the word? If it was the former, then I bet you had a good time. Greeks know how to party. If it was the latter... well, am a Dutchy, so we don't have frats here. But from what I've heard from American friends it shouldn't really matter, Greek or frat, bet it was a messy affair.

Good blog man, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I went to UR. Everyone has daddys AMEX and his second hand BMW.

Stick to VCU girls.