Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Male/Female Relations In The Work Place

Imagine you have two people who work together, a male and a female. The female has been in a relationship the entire time the two co-workers have known each other. The two co-workers have built a flirtatious rapport over long hours working and talking though, but it has never turned into anything more than just flirting. There's clearly been sexual tension between the two, but the male is known around the office for his, ahhh, inability to stay in a relationship or stay with one woman, so the female has never really taken him seriously. Over the course of a few weeks her and her relationship begin to disintegrate and finally it ends with a bang. She is heartbroken. At work she talks about being lonely and horny from the lack of a man. She's in a heavy rebound period.

Is it right for the male co-worker to leave a note on the female's work station telling her to meet him in the walk-in cooler, I mean the office's break room in 5 minutes, to "go over some reports" ? Then continue to meet her in the "break room" at various intervals over the course of a work shift, for ummm, lessons in male/female office relations? Would this be the male preying on the female because of her clearly weakened, heartbroken state?

I don't think so, because there has clearly always been a sexual attraction there, and if she already knew that he was a complete whore... well then none of this should have surprised her.

This, as always, has been a hypothetical question. I mean, this happened to a co-worker...I'm just blogging about his experiences.


dchero said...

I never understood the whole "you can't take advantage of emotionally fragile girls" argument. Girls are emotionally fragile for the vast majority of the time between puberty and menopause. I've only dated 2 girls lifetime who weren't seeing a psychologist when we were together. I mean, that's normal... right?

PinkFish said...

In terms of people that are emotionally fragile, it is your duty to smash 'em, no system gets fixed unless it is unquestionably broken. --> that sounds like something a drunk step father would say... anyway good work, never thought to get it on in a walk in freezer... that must be awsome. Hah a hot pocket in an arctic feeze.

evan said...

If an adult woman who consentually enters into some kind of sexual escapade with a coworker is considered "being preyed upon", I would strongly question why she should be allowed to own property, sign contracts, or vote.

I mean, the "prey upon" argument is generally applied to children, right? And last time I checked, children are not allowed to take responsibility for anything.

Benedict Smith said...

lol. dchero is hilariously accurate in that one. a girl is fragile when she's young, when she's just broken up, when she's on her period, when her boyfriend/fiance/husband/friend with benefits says the wrong thing...if you wait till they're stable...well, you know the saying.

Ben said...

I agree with evan.

Dude, I suspect she's a lot more savvy than she appears.

When I read your original post on this I actually had thoughts along similar lines - but the other way around ;)

Robot Boy said...

That's practically rape, bro. Time for you to be cellmates with Tyson.