Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lesbians Tip Well

*Something tells me that this is a staged photoshoot and that these women are not actually lesbians...

I've been a bartender for maybe 15 lesbians (and about 1000 gay men) in the past five months, and I've come to a hard and fast conclusion, tipping well is ingrained in the lesbian culture.

Last night I had four homosexual women (It was obvious. There were no lipstick lesbians in this group) sitting directly in front of me for the better part of the night. We didn't say much to each other due to the fact that I was slammed with drink orders for about 5 hours straight. Everytime they did order, they seemed hostile and a bit rude, although they kept running their tab up with shots of Patron and drinks made with higher end vodka (Three Olives Cherry). I figured they automatically didn't like me because I'm male, and I'm somewhat of a womanizer (this can be obvious at times too...I think). Usually I can win over anybody, but due to the crowd and the fact that I was working "Point" (the most crowded area of the bar), I just didn't have the time.

When it came time to pay out, they asked for their check which had been building on one credit card they had given me for the four of them. I expected them to want to split it all up on 3-4 four cards, because it was packed in the bar and that would have made my life a lot more difficult, so of course that's what usually happens. Instead, the alpha lesbo of the group and the one whose card I had, told me to run her card for everything. I asked if she wanted to see the itemized bill first and she shook her head, "no". I ran the check which came to 78$ and handed her the slips and a pen.

She called me over a minute later and said, "I want you to look at this check." I looked at the slip and she had added 70$ as the tip, making it a 148$ check.

She then went on to say, "You did a good job tonight and we appreciate the hospitality. Now do me a favor and go ring the shit out of that tip bell over there."

I shook her hand and then I did infact ring the hell out of the tip bell behind the bar. I then went back to the group and exhanged pleasantries, while ignoring other customers (this isn't Ruth Chris, it's a college bar.)

I learn every shift not to let appearances or preconceived notions effect how I work, even though I'm usually right about them. In this instance I was pleasantly surprised though.

In conclusion: From what I've seen it's clear that the homosexual community has more expendable income, this isn't groundbreaking news. It's also clear that they like to drink heavy. Now, I'm frequently finding out that they also know how to treat a bartender. Hmmmm, it makes me think, should I be looking for a job at a gay bar? I wouldn't mind working with my shirt off and judging by last Wednesday night, making out with dudes isn't a problem either...

I kid, I kid.


Brie said...

Well it sounds like a bunch of ladies out for a good time had a good time and thanked you for helping them on their way. :)

They also sound kind of fun. :)

Three Olives Cherry is delicious in Red Bull. :)


AS said...

Fine post, and excellent points! Two things:

1) The dollar signs go in FRONT of the numbers;

2) "Effect" is different than "Affect." Here, you meant the latter.

Benedict Smith said...

i worked as a barback at a gay bar last summer...and I made fucking bank. the sheer number of dudes who tipped me just for "looking so cute in that tie" and wanting to literally buy my phone number meant I cleared roughl 180-250 a night 2-3 nights a week....and yeah, many of them are heavy drinkers...even by my standards.

Anonymous said...

My wife says that gay bartenders and dancers make HUGE $$$$. Take the traditional male income and add alcohol and you have a potent mix for a high tipper. If you are good looking or hot ... the money is even better.