Monday, August 25, 2008

JGF Endorses A Vodka

As a rule I am completely against the proliferation of flavored vodkas. Currently the market is saturated with at least 15 different types of orange vodka. Why???? It's rediculous. When I worked for two liquor distributors my first three years out of school , I repped a total of 47 flavored vodkas. In my humble opinion, a bar needs 5-6 flavors of vodka, MAX. I even thought I had (sarcastically) invented the hot new vodka when I came up with Jack's Bubblegum flavored vodka. I told one of the suppliers of a huge vodka chain about my idea... He didn't find it funny.

In the bar biz you tend to see one of these flavors get hot for awhile (Three Olives Grape or Van Gogh Double Espresso tend to come to mind.) and everyone and their mother will order shot after shot if it.

Well I'm here to say that as of last night, the newest flavored vodka to get HUGE will be, without a doubt in my mind.... Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

I had been hearing good things about this stuff and last night I finally got a chance to try it at delux. The girl I was with recommended that I try it with lemonade (to make a sort of modified "Arnold Palmer"), but instead I tried it with Sprite. As I sipped the sweet tea vodka and it's 70 proof deliciousness, I got a text from a buddy that said: IF YOU'RE AT DELUX, MAKE SURE YOU TRY FIREFLY VODKA. The bartender even tried to sell it to us before we had even opened our mouths.

It makes a perfect Ice Pick (Iced Tea and Vodka), just without the iced tea. It's also fantastic as a chilled shot or drank straight on the rocks.

Right now it's only available in 10 states and currently in Richmond it can only be picked up at the Carytown ABC store.

This stuff is gonna blow up. Just wait.

Now if one of my readers will kindly send this post to Firefly, I can start expecting my free case of Vodka.


Ava V. said...

i'm a big fan of infused vodka, it just takes so long.

in vino veritas said...

that stuff will make you forget your name.

Jephy said...

I had some of this last night, on the rocks, and anyway, yada yada yada, when I awoke, all my clothes were on backwards, and I was floating face-down in the James River with a dead prostitute handcuffed to my wrist.

Needless to say, it was a highly successful evening with a truly unbelievable drink.

Anonymous said...

They sell that stuff all over South Carolina. Blackout in a Bottle.