Sunday, July 27, 2008

What The Hell Is A Purple Martin?

The bar was slammed last night due to the combination of it being Saturday night, a Richmond Iron Chef cook-off and these damn Purple Martins.

Apparently the Purple Martin is a bird and for a few weeks every year they come by the thousands to a row of trees along 17th street at the same time, which supposedly makes for some sort of beautiful twilight bird show. The deck of the bar I worked at Saturday gives you a good view of those trees and the majestic Purple Martin.

My take on the birds:

-I've been parking under these trees for the past few weeks and this explains why my Nissan is completely covered in bird shit. I had originally thought the trees where filled with bats and everytime I got off work I would hit a dead sprint when I got near the trees, because lets face it, bats are scary.

- We had a drink called "The Purple Martini" last night in honor of our disgusting feathered friends. Unfortunately the original recipe tasted like cough syrup and my first few customers got to bear the brunt of it (to their credit, they were good sports about it.) After some tinkering from me, and some more tinkering from the other upstairs bartender, we made it pretty damn good. The recipe for you bird freaks is as follows: 2 parts Raspberry Vodka, 1/2 part Chambord (to make it Purple), 1 part freshly made Cranberry juice (no Ocean Spray) and a splash of sour.

- River City Rapids is some sort of bird person/ organizer for this event. He came by for some beers, although I'm not sure he was happy with the selection of female talent on the deck. I'm pretty sure he only dates models and really hot University of Richmond girls.

- Someone asked my barback (he's tall also) if he was the infamous "Jack". He said no and told them who I was. They never did come up and say hi though. What the fuck? I'm not a scary person, infact I can be very congenial unless I'm drunk and on Southside.

- If I keep having busy nights like last night then I'll reconsider my idea to take my BB gun on the roof of the bar and go all Oswald on some Purple Martins.


roosh said...

Bats carry rabies. Number one way people die in the u.s. through rabies.

Since there hasn't been a death through dog rabies in years.

Brie said...
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Brie said...

I saw this and laughed. And felt like you should probably see it too.