Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tipsy Bartender Thoughts From 2:30 AM

--I had to split a bar tab three ways for a group of three decent looking girls tonight. One of them left a number on her credit receipt and above the number it read: "You make great mohitos." I guess that's how "Mojito" is pronounced so I don't blame her. Of course I didn't actually take the time to figure out which girl had left the number either, so I wouldn't know which one to blame anyways. I stifled a laugh and kept working. I think one of the girls gave me a horrible glare-down as she walked out. Must've been her number and her pick-up attempt that I refused to acknowledge.... boo hoo.

-- I had a few beers with some new co-workers after work tonight. All I will say is that there is nothing like going out with a cast of new (to me) service industry cats. It was entertaining and from what I can tell, this new bar will be a lot of fun to work at. One of my new co-workers (a cook) seems to be exactly like me. We even made a plan to "co-wingman" in the near future. This guy even sort of scares me, which can only mean he will make a great drinking buddy/ man-whoring sidekick.

-- A co-worker told me that me coming into the new bar gig and sleeping with the waitstaff would be like when Dr. J first dunked in 1976 in the all-star game. Meaning that, it would be rediculously easy. I admit, it's a funny analogy, but I'm not paying it any mind. This may sound crazy coming from me, but I'm going to do my best to stay above the petty fray of hook ups and arguments at the new gig. I'm there to work. I can get laid easily on my own time... (This is my stance for now, although I've been known to take many alternating stances.)

-- I met some other bloggers tonight. Weird as always, but pretty enjoyable. I guess more people can come visit JGF when he's at a hip spot and not at a notorious college bar. Oh well... Richmond can be a snotty bitch sometimes.

(late addition)-- A buddy recently accepted a gig to teach English in China for a year. Here's the sick part, anyone with a college degree can get this type of work. It's basically just helping out high school students who already know English, by helping them with their accents and refining their grasp of the language. Hmmm. While I'm not going anywhere just yet, this is something I'm going to be forced to look into. No China for me though. I'm thinking the Philippians or somewhere in the Islands. I'm not a picky man, which for those of you who have seen me out hitting on girls, is painfully obvious.


Anonymous said...

"I guess more people can come visit JGF when he's at a hip spot and not at a notorious college bar. Oh well... Richmond can be a snotty bitch sometimes."

Richmond's not a bitch. You finally ended up at a more appealing place. Notorious college bars = trashy girls. Hip spots = secretly trashy girls

Benedict Smith said...

i was looking into the overseas gig myself actually, was contracted for South Korea, but the S. Korean embassy blocked my work visa due to my DUI. other countries though are less particular. I laugh when I see on the news about how much people say the US is too strict on immigration....go look at how other countries, Europe, the Middle East, or how for example Mexico treats foreign citizens.....quiiiiiite the double standard.

Benedict Smith said...

and yeah, after my first night working at my waiting tables gig, i was seeing my girlfriend at the strip club while she was working, and two guys near my age from my waiting tables gig walked sidekicks are always a plus.

Brie said...

The college bar kind of terrifies me, dude. ;) I can't lie. ;)

I've heard the food at your new spot is awesome--I haven't been there since it flooded during Gaston, but I've been meaning to.