Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pre-Shift Bartender Thoughts From 3 PM

--I briefly thought about getting a part time day job as I was trolling Craigslist today. Something like "wine retail sales at Wholefoods Market" caught my eye. The key words here are, I thought about it...briefly. Extra money would be nice and I sometimes want something else to fill up my days, but there are two key flaws in this plan:

1. Most places probably wouldn't meet my scheduling demands.

Jack during the job interview:" Umm, yeah I would like to work Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 10 AM to 3 PM, although sometimes I may not be able to make it til 11 AM."

2. If I did infact take another job then I would cease to blog and write, bringing an end to my days as the hobo bartending writer. I'm not ready for it to end yet because I see some very cloudy potential in it. I'm keeping my eye open for some extra cash opportunities though. I feel like there may be an untapped market for Adderall distribution in the Richmond drug trade. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on about 200 pills of the stuff??? Or better yet do I have any readers with severe ADHD who are looking to kick the lil blue pill habit??? Ummm... lets just forget I mentioned it.

-- I read a great post on Roosh V's blog today, titled: "HowTo pick up girls for under 100 dollars a month." One line read:

"By the way, did you know there are still guys taking girls out to dinners? Haha morons."

It is sort of unbelievable if you think about it. Guys are still willingly taking out girls who they have basically never spoken with for longer than 5 minutes and then they are spending at least 50 bucks in an effort to sleep with them, or in many nancy-boys cases, they just want to "get to know them". I refuse to do this anymore, unless I really really have a major crush on this girl (and I mean a major, dehabilitating, do nothing but think about her all day type crush), but what are the chances of that? I simply can't afford it and I don't think the effort or money is worth my time, especially when itsooweezee to get girls in bed without all the bling bling. I know a lot of girls who only accept dates for the free food and drink... damn crafty bitches... Anyways, interesting stuff as always from Roosh.

-- Readers seem to want to find out where I'm working now (as if it isn't very obvious for you Richmonders). I can't say the name over the blog for reasons...well there are no real reasons, I just don't want to. Email me and I'll tell you. Then you can come visit me at the bar and I'll regale you with tales of my sexual misadventures. Attractive females preferred, although "attractive" is open to interpretation...my interpretation.


Kontessa Krunk, Esq. said...

Truth. I never go out to dinner with a guy unless he can't convince me to fuck him in under two whiskeys. Or unless we get hungry on the way back to someone's place.

Benedict Smith said...

anyone who blogs...secretly wants to be outed....at least i think that's the case.