Monday, July 14, 2008

Jack Goes To Dinner With Mom, Has Deep Thoughts

I had my monthly Outback dinner/interrogation tonight with my Mom. Okay so it wasn't an interrogation, it was more like a "drink 2 bottles of wine and catch up on the comings and goings of Mom and Jack."

Typical Mom Questions: So who are you sleeping with THESE days son? How's bartending? How's your father? How's that wonderful ex-girlfriend of yours? What's your plan for life/the future? How is the blog?

Typical Jack Responses: Whomever consents. I'm living the dream baby. I have no idea. She may be deceased? I'm just living one day at a time darlin. It's fucking fantastic (said sarcastically).

The overwhelming thing that I take away from these meetings (and hopefully she takes from them also) is that we are going to be okay. We will never be rich and we never fully distance ourselves from money problems, but in the grand scheme of things, we're simply going to keep living and keep smiling. Sometimes she doesn't understand my constant optimism or my refusal to get stressed out... But she's starting to come around.

Life's to short to worry all the time. As I explained to her: She is at a good place in her life, with a good husband, good friends and some great places to spend her free time. I am happy with my current lifestyle of bartending, writing and basically doing whatever I feel like doing.... We don't get everything we want, but we surely don't starve either. If we can't enjoy the present moment and what we have now, then when will we ever be really happy? I have to slap myself every fucking day and remind myself that this is it, this is the one go-round. Don't waste it you idiot!

As cold as I can be (it's pretty frosty), I still appreciate what I have and what I've been given. I may rant over the blog or have my moments of introspection, but you can bet the farm that I'm not taking a single day or single moment for granted. This is why I've started secretly videotaping all of my sexual encounters. You knew something like that was coming.... :)

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Benedict Smith said...

sounds like my mom's questions when I see her. esp. the ex-girlfriend one coupled with the always uncomfortable "where are you hanging your hat these days other than ______'s?" (who are you fucking besides your girlfriend?)