Monday, July 21, 2008

Jack Gets Caught Doing The Dirty

I received an email from a reader/ stalker/ someone I know. Here's an excerpt:

My friends and I think we saw you this past Saturday. It was really late you were wearing a white shirt and black tie. You were outside of (Bar Name Redacted) and you were making out with a really really tall blonde girl. We were talking to some cops on the street and the cops starting making fun of you guys because of how absurd it looked that two really tall people were hooking up.

Hmmm, a couple things come to mind here:

- The cops need to do their fucking jobs and leave me alone with my weird fetishes.

- Richmond is too small. As this blog keeps growing I have a feeling situations like this may happen more often. That may be good fodder for the blog, but it may ultimately hurt my social life.

- Yes it was a really tall girl. As I've mentioned, I'm 6-3' to 6'4'. She was my height if not an inch or two more (flat footed).

- As I bar-hopped with the hot, female version of Ivan Drago (she's Russian), I noticed that we were getting a lot of stares. It's rare to see such a tall couple. I can only guess that people were wondering how tall our kids would be or what it would be like to have sex with a really tall woman. Answers: At least 7 feet tall and a lot of fun.

- What red-blooded American male doesn't have a thing for hot, blonde, model figure, Eastern European tennis players? Seriously. Do the names Sharapova or Kournikova ring a bell?


Anonymous said...

"it may ultimately hurt my social life"

watch out, jack. you said it. not me.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to find girls that stand over 5'10''. Nice work JGF.

LaTroy Glastonbury said...

Whatever, those people (and especially those cops) suck.

Anonymous said...

Making out is "doing the dirty"?

What a freakin' prude.