Friday, July 11, 2008

Going Out v. Staying In

Going Out Pros: Chances of meeting a girl and getting laid are increased by 8000 %/ Having a few drinks and interacting with other people is fun. / The best networking (especially in the service field) is done at night, over drinks./ Chances of meeting a girl that you actually really like (although not getting laid...yet) are increased tenfold. / Making new friends. / Reconnecting with old friends./ Experiencing the variety that life sometimes will present to us./ Keep conversation skills and witty retorts strong through the many interactions of the night.

Going Out Cons: Spending money./ HANGOVERS./ Deconnecting with friends through alcohol induced arguments./ Herpes Simplex Virus 2./ The health of one's liver, skin, and everything else that is effected by booze and smoke./ Beer goggles (although this one could easily go under the "pros" section also.)

Staying In Pros: Feel great the next day./ Good time to hang out sober with someone you're interested in-- which equals--> Sober Sex!/ Don't spend money./ Catch up on reading./ Retain and possibly build brain cells instead of destroying them./ Gives you a chance to blog and not totally embarrass yourself (see: JacksDrunkenRant )./ SLEEP, good solid, uninterrupted, 9 hours of beautiful, restorative sleep!

Staying In Cons: I can't really think of many cons for staying in, other than it can be a bit boring. You miss out on some stuff, but it's never as fun as other people made it sound.

In conclusion, I need nights where I don't do anything. I stayed in after work last night and read and slept. Now it's 10 AM and I can hardly sit still I have so much energy, of course I didn't hook up on the hood of a car in a downtown parking lot at 3 AM after the bars closed either, so there is some trade off here. Nevertheless, a recharging of the batteries make the "out" nights that much better.

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dchero said...

What I can't figure out is what the going out/staying in ratio should be. I think 3/4 is the right answer. I don't know if I can go back to my old 6/1 ratio, I don't have the heart for it anymore.