Monday, July 7, 2008

Do Yourself A Solid, Go Out On Sunday Nights

*"Now listen ladies... You aren't the hottest group of girls in the bar, but you are the drunkest..... Hi, my name is Jack"

For as long as there have been sketchy characters serving up booze to drunk people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, there has been the phenomenon known as SIN night, or service industry night, held every Sunday evening.

This is the evening you will find the bartenders and servers out drinking, their pockets full from busy weekend nights spent working. You will find them quaffing shots of Bushmills, drinking their high end vodka (we would never drink rail the commoners!) and jointly rejoicing in the fact that there will be no alarm clock to wake us on Monday morning, no hurried commute, no deadlines...

The bars aren't crowded and we don't wait for drinks. The tips flow like water as we re-circulate our own tip money in an effort to repay the sometimes generous tip gods.

That waitress you flirt with everytime you frequent your favorite local bar? She's out. She's probably 8 drinks deep too. That cute bartender who always makes your Cosmopolitan just oh so right? Yeah he's here and he's looking to unwind with drinks and the first girl who says hello to him.

There are no amateur drinkers here. There are groups of people who know each other from working in bars, congregating at certain hot spots and celebrating the beginning of the service industry weekend.

These are the people who force a grin when you say your ready to order but then proceed to spend 10 more minutes looking at the menu while we wait. These are the people who wipe up your spilled drink you drunken ho-bag. These are the people who ensure that you have a wonderful dining and/or drinking experience when you're out on the town. These people are the salt of the earth.(whether or not that "salt of the earth" reference made sense there...I don't care, I like how it sounds.)

As you can tell, I went out on Sunday night and what I already knew was confirmed: Richmond is incredibly small (especially in this industry), Sunday nights rock at some certain places in the fan, and hitting on women who spend half the week behind a bar getting hit on, is much more difficult than hitting on non-service industry women.

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Benedict Smith said...

well, i just joined the service industry, but i've been a SIN night doer for quite some time. i find the fri/sat night crowd of amature drinkers and pretentious people are far more about looking "good" in front of other pretentious people than they are about fucking around and throwing down. i've rarely pulled a ton of girls who wanted to do more than chat or have me buy them dinner on fri/sat. on the off nights though, i've pulled two strippers, milf's, blow, booze and the rest.
I also recently got turned on to Bushmills by my bartender buddy. WHAT A SMOOTH SHOT.....Damn.