Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sober Bartender Thoughts From 9 PM

*My friend sent me this in an email yesterday. The email read: "You ready for Atlantic City?!" and yes, I am emphatically ready for the debauchery of AC in a week.

-My buddy who I bartend with, got maliciously attacked on Saturday night while he was walking home from the bar where we work downtown. I visited him at MCV today and brought him a copy of my favorite book: American Psycho, although I doubt he'll be able to read very much for awhile. I won't elaborate, but I will say this; the barren factory wasteland/ghetto that is South Richmond should be nuked off the fucking map. Screw the gentrification, screw the "lofts" that are being built there, and screw the crooked Richmond cops.

- I feel like everyone and their mother has told me they're going to Bar Louie out in Short Pump tonight. Okay okay I get it. 5 dollar/5 beer buckets of Bud Light. Yes that's a great fucking deal. I myself have been contemplating making an appearance but judgement has got the better of me this time. In15 or so visits there, I have come to this conclusion about Bar Louie: Cool bartenders, and always crowded, although the crowd sucks. It could also be the fact that various, ummm, flings have invited me there tonight. I'm not really in the mood to be ducking and dodging those bullets all night.

- As I've said, bartending can sometimes come down to loyalty v. money. I'm broke. You do the math. *Foodies, I may be coming to a bar near you soon....(One you all know and love in fact.)

- The tip gods can be a strange bunch. Working at the "college bar" last night I found myself at midnight, just standing there. Usually at midnight I'm a whirling derby of bartending. It was slow to say the least. But still, at 3:30 AM, counting our tips, we made out okay.

- Don't like Gin? Try a well-made Tom Collins. I had one today before I went to MCV (I need a few drinks before I can withstand a hospital) and it made a really good day, even better. Take a shaker, fill half with ice, put 2 1/2 ounces of gin in (Personal preference- Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks), put 1 ounce lemon juice in, 1 teaspoon of sugar and then shake it like you would an unruly baby, which is to say, really fucking hard. Then strain into a medium height glass (slightly bigger than a rocks glass) with ice already in it, then top that with club soda. Stir and then garnish with whatever you have (lemon, lime, orange). It was refreshing and had a nice alcohol kick. It made for a pleasant stroll through the nurse hotness capital of VA which is of course, MCV.

- On that note, where in the hell do all of these amazingly hot nurses live and hangout? I don't see them anywhere except the hospital. This is really begging for some research because I saw a very high number of super good-looking nurses today. Hmmm. No one really stops you from just walking around hospitals. Now I just need a reason to be there and communicate with nurses... and a few drinks in me of course. I will figure this out, because lets be honest, what the hell else do I have to do???
- Okay, I'm still contemplating the Bar Louie thing. Women and rediculously cheap beer can be hard to say no to. Damn you Jack, you weak willed, horny bitch!


Richmondite said...

Bar Louie: Some girls, mostly west end red necks. The so-called cool bartenders take forever when that place is crowded.

Nurses: You're right. They are young and hot. They tend to go out on odd nights due to crazy work schedules. There is your first tip on breaking into their world.

Anonymous said...

The only way I'm rolling over the Manchester Bridge is if I'm in an armored car or if I'm really drunk and looking for prostitutes. Thats it.

Brie said...

Hey, I live in that barren factory wasteland. And I totally love it. ;) But I don't walk around there late at night for the same reasons you dislike the area. (Hopefully your friend is okay and can escape MCV before they own his first-born child with their insane billing).

And a Tom Collins? One of the best summertime drinks ever. :)