Thursday, June 19, 2008

Richmond. Blogging. Community. Wet. Blankets.

So I got sucked into this whole vortex of anti-racist, cry-baby, blah blah, fucking blah BS yesterday. I did. I admit it. I cried foul with the rest of the sheep and you know what?

It was a mistake.

I want nothing to do with any of the blog gang-raping that went on. I don't care to make friends with a blogging community and I feel like an idiot for sheepishly agreeing with everyone.

I thought Jocelyn Balls was a funny parody and I won't sit here (anymore) and just be a bitch about it like I was and everyone else is.

I do like a few blogs from RVA blogs (and they should know who they are), but for the most part, stop coming to my blog if you're a wet blanket Richmondite (and you should probably know who you are).

Getting one hundred and fifty extra hits in one day is cool, but not at the expense of my dignity and honesty. I could care less about almost all of the opinions I saw and heard from today. I'm not racist and I won't sit here and backpeddle about it again (Like I did when I repeatedly changed my Juan Conde/Ric Young post, so it was more palatable for readers).

That only leaves a few things for me to cling to: Boozing, whoring and attempting to be a somewhat normal human being in this backward ass city. I think I can manage :)

PS: I know I have quite a few readers who don't live in Richmond, and to you, I apologize. I'm putting myself to sleep with all of this shit....


Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

The bookstore guy ignored or rejected my last two relevant comments, the most recent being about archetypes, and how my blog never made sweeping generalizations about a racial or gender group. So I guess that conversation is over. I'm actually just as happy with the white lady picture, maybe moreso. I'll not take a stand. Instead I will have to accept the fact that people are overly sensitive enough to feel that any negative ficitonal characters are automatically racist against the gender and racial group they belong to. I thought the politically correct crap and phony outrage BS was behind us as a culture, but clearly it's not. People cannot imagine a world where a real black woman would have enough dignity to laugh at a fictional black character and not personalize it or feel offended by it. Unless of course it was written by Tyler Perry.

Jack Goes Forth said...

This matter is dead to me. I don't neccessarily think your blog is squeaky clean, but neither is mine and I don't have the energy to even discuss it anymore.

Jephy said...

Agreed Jack. I was thinking about that last night.

So, screw me. It was a mistake to say anything. I read back over Jocelyn last night and laughed by testes-harder off. And it sucks that obviously the writer is a white male and has to put up a picture of a white woman. Yet Tyler Perry can get away with the same thing. I really don't see any foul in it anymore. There's nothing hateful there.

So Jocelyn, or whoever, please keep it up no matter which race you choose to be.

Brie said...

Drama drama drama. ;)