Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Keep Pushing (At Life)

(Calm down Mommy crowd, this post isn't for you.)

*I couldn't figure out if this image was pro-communist or anti-communist, or just some Asian people reading a book in a factory, but whatever it is, I think it fits this post. Possibly.

"Never give up. And never, under any circumstances, face the facts." -Ruth Gordon.

The facts are, I'm tossing a college degree into the shitter. I'm tossing a solid resume and solid work credentials into the trash. I'm wasting the time that should be spent building credibility with a company and climbing my way up the corporate ladder; to fuck around, bartend, and write. Oh and I've also been known to get my drink on at wildly inappropriate times.

I barely make enough money to pay all of my debts and bills, but I do. I hardly save a dime. I blog and I write and I sleep late. I get invited to local newspaper's open houses, where I'm introduced as some cool "trouble-making blogger" (I'm still baffled by that one). I have no strings attached sex with women that I don't deserve to be with. I make friends by the boatload even though I'm about as courteous as a rabid pit bull. Why is this????

What I've come to discover, and the action that will always improve your lot is: Work Ethic. Good things happen if you work hard at whatever you're doing at the moment (bartending, bricklaying,blogging, some boring 9 to 5, etc) . It doesn't matter if that thing isn't what you've set out to do. Luck will invariably happen if you just put your best work in and show up on time. I can be really lazy, but I show up to work on time and I kick the fucking ass out of some bartending when I'm on the clock. And guess what? Good things are starting to happen. Granted, it really helps that I enjoy my work, but still...

I understand that this post contradicts my message of "escaping the grind" and "living life". But I've seen the light. The only way I'll ever get to where I want to be, is to focus and just be the absolute best at what I'm doing, even if it's as simple a task as bartending.

Great things are coming my way. Of course it would help if I can come back from Atlantic City in the black. Oh and without contracting any STD's from the "private massage therapist" I happen to meet at the casino bar at 4 AM on Saturday morning. The No STD thing should always be the main building block when one is attempting to turn one's life around.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the guy on the left is holding Chairman Mao's Little Red Book; promoting a personality cult. That should be fairly easy to figure out.

Jack Goes Forth said...

This may be the first time an "anonymous" has left a useful comment. Congrats.